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Switching Jobs – Are the old advices right ?

We asked readers (and our own editors) what advice they hear most often about how to switch job and then talked with two experts to get their perspectives on whether the current wisdom holds up in practice and against research.  1. “Never tell your boss that you’re looking for another position.” In fact, many companies … Continue reading

Job Search / Recherche d’emploi – Jobs on Job Market Monitor – Des emplois sur le Moniteur de l’emploi

Looking for a job? Thousands of jobs, in U.S. and Canada are now available on Job Market Monitor. It is easy. Just click on the “JOBS / OFFRES D’EMPLOI” tab or on the image at the top right corner. Vous cherchez un emploi? Des milliers d’emplois sont maintenant disponibles, aux États-Unis et au Canada, sur … Continue reading

India – A new govn’t online employment portal

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” programme, the government on Monday launched a digital employment exchange that will enable industrial enterprises to find suitable workers and job-seekers to find employment. The government initiative is aimed at strengthening communication between stakeholders and improving efficiencies in service delivery in the micro, small and medium … Continue reading

Online talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion McKinsey finds

Labor markets around the world haven’t kept pace with rapid shifts in the global economy, and their inefficiencies have taken a heavy toll. Millions of people cannot find work, even as sectors from technology to healthcare struggle to fill open positions. Many who do work feel overqualified or underutilized. These issues translate into costly wasted … Continue reading

China – A “Jingying” (elite) job-search platform

Market leader is investing heavily in a new aggressive strategy. In February, presumably in an attempt to move into the area of executive recruiting, it launched the beta version of, a job-search platform that targets the higher end of the recruitment spectrum and provides a platform to connect headhunters and more experienced workers. … Continue reading

Job Clubs in the US – Evaluations of FBO/CBO-sponsored clubs

Over the past several decades, job search support groups, commonly referred to as “job clubs,” have evolved into one of several important activities used by the public workforce system and faith- and community-based organizations (FBOs/CBOs) to enhance worker readiness and employability, as well as to provide ongoing support to unemployed and underemployed individuals as they … Continue reading

Job Search – Is your social media presence hurting ?

You hear a lot about what you shouldn’t post on social media, but employers are starting to grow weary of hiring candidates who lack a social presence all together. Take control of your brand by balancing your personal and professional image to attract recruiters. Social media can make or break your career. We’ve all heard … Continue reading

Long or Short Job Descriptions and Titles ? Click-to-applies are up to five times higher for job descriptions between 2,000 to 10,000 characters

We at recently tracked nearly 400,000 job seekers looking at job advertisements across various platforms and the 30,051 applications that resulted from those views. The data supports a “Goldilocks” logic when it comes to optimizing the ROI of job descriptions. Too-short job descriptions of 1,000 to 2,000 characters (170-250 words) returned a click-to-apply of … Continue reading

Matching Job Hunters and Recruiters in US – Rewiring the labor market

New ingredients are being steadily added to the job-matching mix, promising to produce a more efficient and effective marketplace for workers and employers. For years, businesses across America have groused that they can’t find enough qualified workers, while others have questioned whether the “skills gap” is a myth. Amid this tired debate, it’s easy to … Continue reading

Your Job Search is Failing – 6 Reasons

Here are six areas that he says are essential to be a top contender in the job market. Attitude: Much of your job search is related to composure and attitude. Social Media Presence: Scanning social media profiles has become a standard part of the applicant screening process for most employers, so your image on social … Continue reading

Social Media – Recruiters and Job Seekers Usage (Infographic)

While social recruiting is by no means a new trend (we are living in the year 2015 after all), it’s processes and it’s nuances are evolving all the time, and it’s importance in recruiting continues to grow. Back in 2010, 78% of recruiters were using LinkedIn to find candidates. 5 years later that percentage has risen to 95%. … Continue reading

Job Search – If you want your cover letter to be read

In my opinion, if you want your cover letter to be read, do these things:Don’t apply online, but email your résumé to a recruiter or hiring manager instead. Don’t make it an actual “letter.” Instead, make it the body of the email with your resume attached. When people attach a letter and a résumé to … Continue reading

Job Search with LinkedIn – Helpful IFTTT recipes

LinkedIn is an amazing resource for job hunting, but you can’t spend all day on the site. That’s where IFTTT (“If this, then that”) comes in. The digital productivity service offers useful, time-saving “recipes” for anyone using LinkedIn in their quest for a new role. Activate a recipe and a bot will take over crucial … Continue reading

4 Job Search Resolutions for 2015

The following are four power-packed resolutions that will address the above questions and start your 2015 job search off with a renewed momentum: Resolution #1 — Monitor your time wisely. The most critical action you can take is to monitor how you use your time. Vow to spend at least 75 percent of your job … Continue reading

Finding a Job in US – A marked improvement in the full-time finding rate over the last year Atlanta FED finds

if you were an unemployed prime-age individual (25–54 years old) or working PTER one year ago, what are you doing today? Have your chances of becoming employed full-time improved? Chart 1 shows the distribution of labor market outcomes of prime-age workers who were PTER one year earlier. Chart 2 shows the distribution of outcomes for … Continue reading

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