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Matching Job Hunters and Recruiters in US – Rewiring the labor market

New ingredients are being steadily added to the job-matching mix, promising to produce a more efficient and effective marketplace for workers and employers.

For years, businesses across America have groused that they can’t find enough qualified workers, while others have questioned whether the “skills gap” is a myth.

Amid this tired debate, it’s easy to miss the fact that many of the smartest people trying to shape the working world have moved on. They have begun to view the problem as an information gap between companies looking for capable workers and individuals struggling to land a decent job.

Driving this shift is the belief that both workers and companies stand to benefit if it’s easier for them to identify each other—and if they’re also on the same page in terms of the skills and training required to fill particular positions.

“The idea is to make all of this simpler, less expensive, and more automatic” for the employer and the employee, says Byron Auguste, co-founder of Opportunity@Work, a new nonprofit aimed at “rewiring the U.S. labor market.”

This concept lies at the heart of TechHire, a public-private initiative that President Obama announced last week to help companies place people—many of them invisible to recruiters—in high-paying IT fields such as cybersecurity, network administration, coding, project management, and data analytics.

“If we can get the architecture right, I think we can make a lot of headway in getting employers to hire skilled people they’d otherwise overlook,” says Auguste, who until recently served in the White House as deputy director of the National Economic Council and had a lead role in designing TechHire.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  The wildly ambitious future of the job search – Fortune.

New America announces new partnership with ‘Opportunity@Work’ – The Edmond Sun: Business

New America announced Monday the launch of Opportunity@Work, a new civic enterprise to be based at New America and focused on “re-wiring” the U.S. labor market to enable more Americans to achieve economic opportunity and upward mobility in the job market and workplace.

Opportunity@Work will focus its efforts on the “demand side” of the labor market, seeking to facilitate collective investment by employers to develop the talent they need to succeed and grow, open up more accessible on-ramps into jobs, and to scale up innovations which unlock the potential of all people to master skills, qualify for better jobs, earn higher pay, and contribute more to the American economy.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  New America announces new partnership with ‘Opportunity@Work’ – The Edmond Sun: Business.


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