Aerospace Workforce in Australia – Two thirds of aviation employers had experienced skills shortages in the previous 12 months

The aerospace industry can be broken down into three sub-sectors:
• Aircraft and aircraft parts manufacturing
• Civilian aircraft and component repair and maintenance
• Military aircraft repair and maintenance

The aviation industry includes aircraft manufacturing and repair services, as well as a range of professional, scientific, and technical services for the aviation, defence and space industries. In 2019, the aircraft manufacturing and repair services sector employed around 4000 people in South Australia.

Until recently, most of the historical growth in the space sector could be attributed to government requirements and traditional space services such as satellite television, broadband, and communications, with smaller contributions accruing from New Space – the high-tech equipment manufacturing and start-up business sector.

Space is now attracting the attention of market-leading venture capital firms and start-up funds, signifying a fundamental shift in how space is funded. With the global space economy’s present upward growth trend now being led by the private sector, increased visibility of the potential space market will unlock new clients for South Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups and activate investment in these companies’ unique capabilities.1

Key findings

• Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning skills will be needed to support the growing space industry in South Australia.
• There is a growing gap between the skills of experienced Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) and those of newly qualified entrants.
• Two thirds of aviation employers had experienced skills shortages in the previous 12 months.
• There is an emerging demand for skills in:
– networks air and ground integration
– the use of drone technology for professional imagery capture and exploitation
– low observable airframes
– drone technology and digital transformation of aviation in response to COVID-19
– engineering andadvanced technologies for space roles and defence aerospace
– cybersecurity.


Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ Aerospace workforce insights


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