The future of Work in Turkey – Average levels of automation are 20 to 25 percent by 2030

A new report, Future of work: Turkey’s talent transformation in the digital era, dives deeper on the issues. It examines the impact of productivity growth driven by automation, AI, and digital technologies on different sectors and occupations. It also addresses the opportunities that will emerge to transform Turkey’s talent marketplace and the challenges that the country must overcome, supported by a fact base that will help stakeholders prioritize efforts to adapt the workplace to this new world.

On a global scale, current technologies have the potential to help automate 50 percent of jobs. In Turkey, with the current technologies, six out of ten occupations could be automated by 30 percent. The analyses in this report are based on a scenario in which average levels of automation in Turkey are 20 to 25 percent by 2030.

The report foresees that in the next decade, automation, AI, and digital technologies, along with complementary investments, have the potential to create 3.1 million net new jobs, considering the economic impact and societal changes the technology will bring (exhibit). By 2030, with the impact of automation and digitization, 7.6 million jobs could disappear and 8.9 million new jobs could emerge, a net gain of 1.3 million jobs. In addition, 1.8 million new jobs could be created, many of them in technology-related sectors. To enable this change, 21.1 million people in the Turkish workforce will need to improve their skills by leveraging technology while remaining employed in their current jobs. Automation and digitization are expected to affect 7.6 million employees through significant reskilling and job displacements. In addition, 7.7 million new employees who will join the workforce will need to be equipped with the latest skills required.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ The future of work in Turkey | McKinsey

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