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Job Hopping – 8 hidden costs

by Brigid Ludwig * – Whether you’re in your very first job out of college, or you’re far along in your career, there’s a good chance you won’t be in your current position forever. The average time an employee spends in a position is actually only about five years. Not only does finding the perfect job takes some time, changing jobs can be a great way to gain additional experience, get a raise, or simply follow your passion. With all this, why not change jobs whenever you want?

As conventional wisdom suggests, there are plenty of downsides to switching jobs too often, otherwise known as job-hopping. For starters, it can look bad to have too many jobs on your resume. Since hiring and onboarding, a new employee can be a large investment for a company, they want to have a certain level of confidence that you will stay with them long enough to be worth the time. That’s why just 20% of managers would hire a candidate with a history of job-hopping.

Aside from the length of your stay at your current job, there are several hidden downsides you should consider before making the switch. Thinking about these disadvantages shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your passion or moving into a position that is a better fit for your goals. Instead, you should aim to be as informed as possible in order to make the transition a smooth one.

* Brigid is a writer and content creator for Turbo, where she strives to empower others to make smart financial decisions and career moves.


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