Construction Workers in Ontario – Retaining employees in the skilled trades

Compared to workers in most other sectors in Canada, construction workers are happier, more satisfied, and more fulfilled. Many regard their own occupations as practically ideal for them:

 The wages and benefits are excellent.
 It challenges their body and mind.
 They are always learning.
 They find their work stimulating.
 They do something good and useful on a daily basis.
 They enjoy the camaraderie of the workplace and job site.

The main reasons for dissatisfaction are:

 The work can be hard, particularly on the hands and back.
 It’s not necessarily dirty, but it can be.
 The winter weather can make it very uncomfortable outdoors.
 The days can be long, especially for those with a long commute.

Construction workers are also aware of the stigma of working in their field. There is a misperception that construction workers lack intelligence, creativity, or problem-solving skills, and that they are disorganized and unreliable. Construction workers are frustrated by these misperceptions, viewing them as a major deterrent to others entering the industry.


 73% of workers were influenced by family or friends to enter the construction industry.
 Only 8% of workers were positively influenced by a guidance counsellor.
 80% of workers prepared for the job through the help of industry mentors.
 65% of workers would strongly recommend their job to a young person.
 The most satisfied workers tend to be over age 36, are married, and are homeowners.
 Millennials (ages 25 to 35) are the least satisfied group and the most likely to leave the industry.
 Electricians feel less connected to others in the industry than all other categories.
 Designers and planners feel less accomplished in their work than all other categories.
 69% of respondents believe that there is a shortage of workers in their field.
 96% attribute shortages to stigma and negative parental influence.
 88% believe that the trades are seen as too tough and hands-on for most people.
 70% of workers believe that people lack knowledge about the trades.


Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ Retaining employees in the skilled trades


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