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Getting Older – How young people see seniors

WE ASKED: WHAT AGE IS ‘OLD’?  Answer : 59

Female respondents chose 61 as ‘old,’ whereas those identified as male went with 56.


#1 “People’s driving skills decline as they age.”

#2“ As people age, they become lonelier.”

#3“ People like their bodies less when they get old.”

#4“ As people get older, their physical health and general mobility decline.”

#5 “When people get older, they lose touch with modern technology.”

#6 “After the age of 60, people’s sex lives generally decline.”

#7 “When people get old, they have less of a sense of adventure and are less inclined to travel.”

#8 “People become an economic burden on society when they reach old age.”

#9 “Dementia is an inevitable result of old age.”

#10“As people grow old, they become less happy.”

Top 5 things young people are most excited about when it comes to growing old:

1 Having more time to spend with loved ones
2 Having more time to travel
3 Having more time to get into a hobby
4 Caring less about what others think of you
5 Spending time with grandchildren


The survey involved 2,032 U.S. respondents and was conducted by Censuswide 23-24 October 2018. Research sources were selected for relevance and authority. Joe Casey is a retirement coach with a master’s degree in gerontology, and co-hosts the podcast The Retirement Conversation.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Better with Age? | A Place for Mom. You could check the facts there …


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