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Skills in the Construction Industry – Upskilling defines the future

By Lucy Wyndham – 

Upskilling Defines the Future of Construction Industry

Despite working hard to become certified in your specific industry, the half-life of learned skills is now about five years, which means the skills you learned while attaining a degree or industry qualification could well already be out-of-date. As we round the corner full speed into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing abilities are altering industries of all types. As a labor intensive industry, construction relies heavily on the abilities of its workforce. Skilled workers in construction are able to perform tasks faster and more accurately when they engage in upskilling that allows them to grow their knowledge.

What Employers Think About Upskilling

77% of employers surveyed reported that they were more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who regularly upskills. It’s clearly valued in various industries for employees to work towards bettering themselves personally and professionally in ways such as following influencers on LinkedIn, listening to TED Talks, and reading professional literature. Employers in the construction industry specifically note that they believe top skills their employees should possess include the ability to understand and follow instruction, physical fitness, and a practical approach to workflows and deadlines.

How You Can Upskill

While you probably already possess the majority of the skills necessary to work as a productive tradesperson in construction, why not try to close the gap between being great and fully qualified? Participate in skills assessment and gap training programs to become fully certified in your area of work. Or, you can gain valuable skills from a mentor in the industry. Try to build a relationship with someone who is working in a role you aspire to work in one day and ask them what skills they believe are necessary for attaining this job. And, last but not least, research as much as you can. With rapid technological advancements taking place in the industry, you’ll want to stay on top of all of the innovations, such as unique 3D printing abilities, changes in the way concrete is used and saved, and many more.

Invest in Upskilling Whether Employer or Employee

From a construction company’s viewpoint, it’s important to invest in the upskilling of employees as they will be the ones ensuring that the company can continue to grow. When a business works smarter and has more highly-skilled workers on hand, they’re able to outperform competitors and increase overall job rate and revenue.


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