Talent War – Employers across the globe are facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession, according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey

● Forty percent of employers globally report difficulties filling jobs due to lack of
available talent

● More employers than ever are filling talent gaps by training and developing their
own people – this number has more than doubled since 2015, from one in five to
over half

Employers across the globe are facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession, according to the latest Talent Shortage Survey, released today by ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN). Of the more than 42,000 employers surveyed, 40% are experiencing difficulties filling roles; the highest level since 2007.
As skills needs change rapidly, employers are looking inside their organizations for solutions,
with more than half choosing to develop and train their own people. This represents a significant
jump from ManpowerGroup’s 2015 survey, when just 20% prioritized training and development
to fill roles or find new skills. In the IT sector, businesses are reporting the most marked talent
shortage in a number of years. IT roles jump from ninth to second place this year, the most
marked demand for IT in a decade.

“Upskilling our global workforce is critical to ensure organizations have the skills they need to
accelerate performance and everyone has access to the opportunities on offer,” said Jonas
Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO. “The best organizations know this, which is why
we’ve seen a marked rise in the number of businesses focusing on training and development to
fill talent gaps. We expect to see this number grow. That’s why we support companies and
individuals to nurture learnability – the desire and ability to learn new skills to be employable for
the long-term.”

Of the 42,300 employers surveyed, the hardest jobs to fill remain Skilled Trade Workers for the
fifth consecutive year. Sales Representatives, Engineers, Technicians and Drivers all slip one
ranking, 3rd – 6th respectively, and Office Support Staff drops two places to 10th. Production
and Machine Operators also become harder roles to fill as they move from 10th to 9th when
compared with 2015.

Talent Shortages by Region

● EMEA:​ Employers in EMEA are facing talent shortages at the highest levels since 2006,
with 36% of employers reporting difficulty filling vacancies, a rise from 32% in 2015.
Employers in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece face the most acute difficulties.
Those reporting the least difficulty include Norway, the Netherlands, UK and Ireland. As
in every year since 2007, employers in the EMEA region report Skilled Trades roles as
the most difficult positions to fill followed by Drivers, Engineers and Sales
● Asia Pacific: ​Almost half of Asian employers (46%) report hiring difficulties, down two
percentage points year-over-year. Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong reported the most
challenges. Just 10% of Chinese employers report difficulty, the lowest of all countries
surveyed, and a steep fall from the 24% reported in 2015. For the first time in 11 years of
the Talent Shortage Survey employers are reporting the most difficulty filling IT Staff
roles – up from 5th position in 2015.
● Americas: ​42% of employers report difficulty filling jobs across the Americas – ​Argentina
is suffering the most acute talent shortage (59%) and Canada is experiencing the least
difficulty (34%). The roles at the top of the charts remain the same as 2015; Skilled
Trades positions continue to be the hardest-to-fill in the Americas region, followed by
Technicians and Sales Representatives. Roles in Production/Machine Operators are
becoming harder to fill, moving from 8th place in 2015 to 4th in 2016. As in other regions,
IT Staff re-enters the top 10 for the first time since 2012 as the tenth hardest job to fill in

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Talent Shortage 2016-2017 | ManpowerGroup


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