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Tattoos In The Workplace – The tech sector has far fewer people tattooed than tourism

In a survey by Salary.com, they found that the older you are the less tolerant you Tattoobecome regarding tattoos. “Not surprisingly, people 18-25 were the most accepting of tattoos in the office with only 22% claiming they are inappropriate. That percentage jumps in each age group, maxing out at 63% of people age 60 and older finding tattoos objectionable at work.” they said. But these are older perceptions towards tattoos in the workplace, and those attitudes are changing as Millennials start taking prominent positions in organisations.According to the same survey, the number of US employees with a tattoo, by industry, varies surprisingly. For example, the tech sector has far fewer people tattooed than for example in tourism.

  • Agriculture/ranching: 22%
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation: 20%
  • Arts, Media, Entertainment: 16%
  • Retail: 14%
  • Finance & Banking: 13%
  • Healthcare: 13%
  • Professional Services: 13%
  • Education, Child Development, Family Services: 12%
  • Manufacturing: 9%
  • Energy & Utilities: 9%
  • Engineering, Design & Construction: 9%
  • Information Technology: 9%
  • Government: 8%

Source: How Technology Is Changing The Perception Of Tattoos In The Workplace – Forbes

See the the original post with all of the sources herehttp://www.anniesinger.me/tattoos-workplace-research-studies/

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2 thoughts on “Tattoos In The Workplace – The tech sector has far fewer people tattooed than tourism

  1. You can see the original post with all of the sources here:


    Posted by Annie Singer | February 27, 2016, 11:13 am


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