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US / Roughly 40 percent of Millennials have tattoos

It used to be the case that employers were apprehensive to hire people with a lot of tattoos but there’s a new statistic that may indicate a shift when it comes to hiring people with ink. Let’s face it, tattoos don’t have the best reputation and there’s a stigma attached to those who have them.

A recent study by Pew Research, however, claims roughly 40 percent of Millennials have tattoos. A large part of that percentage has more than one which presents the question as to how, or if, hiring policies have changed.

“Now-a-days I feel like society is a little bit more open to it in a sense,” said Salon owner Veronica Brashear.

She says she knows many beauticians that don’t like to hire people with tattoos but says she sees that trend shifting.

“I have a relative who is a doctor and she has tattoos, Brashear said, “I just feel it’s a lot broader now.”

In fact, Brashear says everyone who works at her salon has at least one tattoo, including herself.

“Personally, I don’t let it cloud my judgement as far as what the stylist is capable of or who they are as a person,” she said.

Just down the street, Fuzzy’s taco shop is hiring in expectation of their grand opening and that owner says they’re a little more relaxed when it come to ink in the workforce.

Jeff York said, “Just because you have a tattoo doesn’t mean you’re not a great person and that’s what we’re looking for is great people.”

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The Tattoo Divide 

The public is divided about the impact of more people getting tattoos; 45% say it has not made much difference, 40% think it has been a change for the worse and only 7% say this has been a change for the better. As might be expected, older Americans are far more likely to view this trend negatively: 64% of those ages 65 and older and 51% of those ages 50-64 say more people getting tattoos has been a change for the worse. A majority of those under age 50 (56%) say the tattoo trend has not made much of a difference. The age differences are larger among women than men. About six-in-ten (61%) women ages 50 and older say more people getting tattoos have been a change for the worse compared with 27% of younger women. A majority (56%) of white evangelical Protestants say that more people getting tattoos has been a change for the worse; white mainline Protestants and white Catholics are more divided in their opinions. By comparison, 57% of those who are religiously unaffiliated say that more people getting tattoos has not made much difference.

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via The Tattoo Divide | Pew Research Center.


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