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Minimum Monthly Wages in India – Could go up to Rs 15,000

The Centre plans to fix minimum national monthly wages at around Rs 15,000 for all jobs in both Indiathe formal and informal sectors in the country. *

The National Minimum Wages Act, 1948, lays down minimum wages for 45 listed economic activities, which also serve as minimum wages for these activities in the states. However, states can specify minimum wages for over 1,600 economic activities.

Raising floor wages to Rs 15,000 will effectively more than double the income of workers in activities covered by the Minimum Wages Act. The union labour ministry is likely to call a meeting soon to get the states on board for the change in the law. An inter-ministerial group is already working on the details with the states.

The proposed higher wages are in sync with the relaxed regulatory regime for employers that the government intends to bring, Arun Kumar Sinha, additional secretary (labour), said.

“The amendment to the Minimum Wages Act will include a provision that would make the national rates binding on the states, rather than being merely advisory, as is the case now,” Sinha told The Sunday Express.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Minimum monthly wages could go up to Rs 15,000 | The Indian Express.


* 237 US$ / month at current exchange rate (near 1.50 US$ / hour for a 40 hours workweek) as calculated by Job Market Monitor.

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