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The EU priority to youth unemployment – Only France had received an approval

A Youth Guarantee scheme, inspired by the national scheme in Finland, will be introduced by each EU country according to its individual need. It will apply to young people who are out of work for more than four months. It aims to give them a real chance to further their education, or get a job, apprenticeship or traineeship.

The proposals for implementation of the national schemes were supposed to be ready at the end of the year 2013, making the YEI fully operational by 1 January 2014. But by June 2014, only France had received an approval for its national scheme. The Commission will make funding available so that France can receive €620 million from the YEI and the European Social Fund ESF.

This led the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to say that youth unemployment is “clearly” one of the areas where the EU needs to act faster.

“I’m not pointing my finger at anyone, but nobody is able to understand why this is happening. Again, Im not blaming the Commission, the member states, Im just saying that the result is such that we need to change this,” the German Chancellor said.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Fighting youth unemployment: An EU priority | EurActiv.

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