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IT Skills Gap in UK – It continues to increase says Roger Keenan

Worryingly, City Lifeline research has shown this may just be the start of the problem. Almost a third of UK senior IT personnel believe IT equipment has become more complex than five years ago. Its likely this trend will continue and could have a huge impact on the technology industry in this country.

The gap is increasing

As the IT skills gap continues to increase, businesses will rightly become more and more Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 09.11.23worried about their ability to grow. To expand and flourish, organisations need to increase their workforce and with signs showing the UK is out of recession, businesses should now be aiming to use this as a spearhead towards rapid growth. However, the current skills gap is forcing business leaders to rethink their plans as the skilled workers required are simply not out there.

The question is; how can we fight back against the skills gap? As a country we must invest in IT training from the bottom up. Its no secret that technology changes by the day and we must nurture the talent found in our education systems and in the workplace to enable steady progression in this area.

This country has some of the best universities in the world and to think that we arent producing enough skilled IT workers is a very worrying trend that must be changed before it is too late.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at UK Skills Gap Is Strangling the Economy | Roger Keenan.

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