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College Education in US – 64% of hiring managers would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college survey finds

Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, and, The Career Network focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally, today announced the results of a study entitled, “The Multi-Generational Job Search.” Following a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals, 43% of the 2,978 respondents said that “cultural fit” was the single most important determining factor when making a new hire. And while academic success was helpful, the majority of hiring managers (64%) would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college.

According to the survey, the top three attributes that companies are currently looking for are: a positive attitude (84%), communication skills (83%) and an ability to work as a team (74%). However despite this need, liberal arts majors (who are historically more focused on communications) were shown to be the least likely to land a job, with only 2% of companies actively recruiting those graduates – versus 27% for engineering and computer information systems and 18% for business. Proof of this shift was evident when 49% of all generations responded that they believe there are “no jobs” out there for those with a liberal arts degree.

Based on the data, acquiring a college degree is important, but may take a backseat to an applicant’s personality. In fact, 73% of hiring managers felt that colleges are only “somewhat preparing” students for the working world. The biggest challenges facing hiring managers seem to be how the job seeker presents themselves – 36% of HR Pros reported that candidates are “unprepared” and 33% said they have a “bad attitude” when interviewing.

The survey looked at Gen Z (Ages 20 or younger), Gen Y (Ages 21-32), Gen X (Ages 33-49), and Baby Boomers (Ages 50-68). Responses were then segmented into whether the respondent was an employer, or a job seeker.

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via The Multi-Generational Job Search Study 2014 | Millennial Branding – Gen-Y Research & Management Consulting Firm.


One thought on “College Education in US – 64% of hiring managers would still consider a candidate who hadn’t even attended college survey finds

  1. It’s interesting how those with degrees think there’s hiring bias against them. People without degrees feel the same way. Both think the other group has an advantage with employers.

    Posted by Deidre M. Simpson | May 20, 2014, 4:40 pm

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