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An App for those who quit

Adding a splash of humor to the otherwise serious job search, job-matching giant TheLadders teamed up with BreakupText creators Lauren Leto and Jake Levine to bring disgruntled employees a tongue-in-cheek way to terminate their employment. With a few taps, the comical Quit Your Job iPhone app generates personalized resignation messages that employees can text to their bosses, forever eliminating the need for awkward parting words.

“After helping thousands of people end relationships, we thought it only fitting to focus on the next most challenging goodbye — quitting your job,” said Lauren Leto, co-founder of Texts From Last Night.

Upon launching the app, the user is prompted to “Begin the End” by choosing options for why s/he is quitting, what she plans to do next, and who s/he wants to send the text message to. An elaborate text message is then sent to the intended recipient, and the user is brought to a screen that enables social sharing via Twitter and Facebook, and introduces TheLadders app to the newly unemployed job seeker.

“In an age when nearly everything can be done from the convenience of your smartphone, we thought job resignation was an area that needed some attention,” quipped Alex Douzet, CEO and Co-founder of TheLadders. “On a serious note, while the recruitment industry has been slow to adopt mobile technology – years behind other industries – one in three job searches are being conducted on a mobile device. Our primary focus at TheLadders is to build technology to better facilitate the mobile job search, which we’re doing with best-in-class mobile apps for job seekers and employers.”

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via Quitting Your Job? There’s An App for That – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee.

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