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Older employees have lower health risks study finds

Despite being twice as old as those in their 30s, 60 year-old employees have lower health risks, findings from PruHealth suggest.

The finding is based on PruHealth’s Vitality Age calculator which estimates the years of life lost or gained by taking into consideration the presence or absence of certain clinical and lifestyle risk factors.

According to the first Britain’s Healthiest Company Report of nearly 10,000 employees, the average Vitality (health) Age of those in their 60s was 3.9 years older than their actual age, while those in their 30s and 40s had a higher health age at 4.26 and 4.3 years respectively.

This lower health age means that many 60 year-old employees were healthier and fitter than workers in their 30s.

The biggest contributing factors for an older health age were lack of physical activity and being overweight – with almost six in 10 (59%) respondents admitting to not doing enough physical activity.

Even more worryingly, one in seven (15%) workers said they did no exercise, which the report said was costing employees a massive 7.4 years off their life.

The report suggested that due to longer working hours and a tougher economic climate, those in their 30s and 40s were subject to the strain of modern life and hence had older health ages. Furthermore, these generations are still working to further their careers while also juggling a young family or caring for elderly relatives.

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