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Health, Retirement Benefits and Pay in US – More employees willing to sacrifice pay

With their desire for greater security rising, a growing number of U.S. employees are willing to sacrifice additional pay in exchange for more generous retirement and health care benefits, according to the Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW), a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company. The survey also found half … Continue reading

Global Health Requirements – 50 million decent jobs are missing now, 84 million jobs in 15 years says ILO

An estimated 50 million decent jobs are missing in 2016 to address essential global health requirements through universal health coverage (UHC) and ensure human security, particularly with respect to highly infectious diseases like Ebola. Demographic ageing over the next 15 years is expected to further increase employment needs in the global health supply chain by … Continue reading

Overweight – More than four in 10 respondents say they’ve gained weight at their current jobs

Here are the weighty facts: Almost 70% of Americans weigh more than they should. More than a third are obese and another 6% are classified as having “extreme obesity.” There’s no single reason behind these depressing statistics, but a new survey uncovers evidence that our jobs may contribute more to this situation than previously believed.  … Continue reading

Unemployed have higher levels of inflammatory markers research finds

Researchers have found the direct biological stress associated with unemployment may explain the increased mortality and morbidity among job-seekers. University of College London investigators correlated inflammatory markers found in blood, which are influenced by stress, to heart disease. The markers are clinically important because mildly raised levels predict atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries due to … Continue reading

US – Non-routine cognitive analytic and non-routine physical demands are associated with worse health, earlier labor force exit, and increased use of Disability Insurance

Work accounts for a significant portion of Americans’ daily lives and is increasingly recognized as a determinant of health status. Research dating to the Whitehall study results of the 1970s has shown a relationship between occupation and long-term health outcomes including mortality, diabetes and cardiovascular disease that cannot be explained by differences in income, education, … Continue reading

Overweight women – More likely to work in lower-paying and more physically demanding jobs study finds

Overweight women are more likely to work in lower-paying and more physically demanding jobs; less likely to get higher-wage positions that include interaction with the public; and make less money in either case compared to average size women and all men, according to a new Vanderbilt study. “Starting when a woman becomes overweight, she is … Continue reading

Australia – Unemployment and poor health are linked says the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s CEO

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on government, business and the wider community to make an extra effort in lifting the participation of marginalised groups into training or work, particularly the young. In a joint address to the National Press Club focussed on the social determinants of health, ACCI CEO, Kate Carnell, … Continue reading

Unemployment insurance reduces transitions into self-rated ill-health in 23 European countries study finds

The global financial crisis of 2008 is likely to have repercussions on public health in Europe, not least through escalating mass unemployment, fiscal austerity measures and inadequate social protection systems. The purpose of this study is to analyse the role of unemployment insurance for deteriorating self-rated health in the working age population at the onset … Continue reading

Future Care Workforce in UK – To add 1 million workers by 2025

The Future Care Workforce reviews the state of the adult social care workforce and how it may have to evolve to meet the challenges it is likely to face over the coming decade. This report was supported by Anchor.  This report finds that the adult social care sector in England will need to add approximately … Continue reading

Middle-Aged Women – Research finds ‘substantial benefits’ of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on short-term employment

The increase in labor force participation, and consequently, the increase in employment of women is one of the most striking trends in the twentieth century. Although this trend is likely due to the complex interaction of many factors, available research in economics recognizes, among other causes, the important role of medical innovation in shaping labor … Continue reading

Unemployed Specialist Physicians in Canada / 16 percent of new specialist and subspecialist physicians said they cannot find work; 31 percent pursue further training to become more employable

More than 100 stakeholders in the medical profession are gathering in Ottawa this week to discuss a paradoxical issue affecting health care in Canada: a growing number of doctors without jobs. The National Summit on Physician Employment, to be held Tuesday and Wednesday, was organized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in response … Continue reading

Older employees have lower health risks study finds

Despite being twice as old as those in their 30s, 60 year-old employees have lower health risks, findings from PruHealth suggest Continue reading

Chronic unemployment shortens lives finds genetics study

The results, reported in the journal PLOS One: “Among 31-year-old men, unemployment exceeding 500 days or two calendar years within the previous three years was associated with shorter leukocyte telomere length,” the researchers report Continue reading

Sexual Activity and Wages / Those employees having sex more than four times a week receive highest wages

The outcomes suggested that wage returns to sexual activity are statistically significant higher for those between 26 and 50 years of age (I was afraid!) Continue reading

The Great Recession / Suicides spiked a study finds

The Great Recession resulted in 5,000 additional suicides worldwide in 2009, according to a recent study — the first to look at suicide trends globally in the wake of the crisis Continue reading

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