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Mothers in US / More fatigued than dads

Ever since the federal government began collecting detailed surveys a decade ago of how Americans spend their time, the American Time Use Survey reports have shown that mothers, even those who work full time, spend about twice as much time as fathers taking care of kids and cleaning up around the house, while fathers spend more time at work and in leisure. Now, for the first time, the survey is asking parents how they feel about that.

Mothers, they found, feel exhausted.

In a report released Tuesday that analyzes the survey’s well-being data, the Pew Research Center found that mothers, on average, feel more wiped out than fathers in all four major categories of life: work, housework, child care and leisure.

But that’s not all: Mothers are also happier than fathers while working, caring for children and doing leisure activities. And nearly twice as many mothers as fathers say they’re even “very happy” doing housework.

Mothers find paid work both more meaningful and more stressful than fathers do, the Pew report found, although the differences were minor. Far more mothers also consider housework meaningful, while more fathers are stressed out by it.

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Washington Post

via Mothers more fatigued than dads but still find jobs and child care meaningful, report finds – The Washington Post.

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