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The Flexible Work: What About Telecommuting

Marissa Mayer left Google to tackle what ailed Yahoo. And this week she took on … telecommuting.

Yahoos were pleased with the new iPhones and free food from the new boss – a Google-icious touch. But, depending on the speaker, this “bold,” “outrageous,” or “1950s” decree eliminating work from home has stirred up comment, incredulity and outrage from coast to coast.

Beneath the visceral reactions, I see three important issues:

  • Telecommuting is progressing from a questionable practice toward an unquestioned entitlement.
  • Its supply or denial seems increasingly based on personal need rather than business imperative.
  • Many successful organizations reject telecommuting as a productivity tool – and Ms. Mayer thrived in one at Google.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor


via The Flexible Work Debate: New Way of Working vs. Old Way of Thinking.

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