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10 ‘New’ jobs of the future

Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products

Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes

Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly

Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers

Nano-medic: Creates very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication

Vertical farmer: Farms crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space

Waste data handler: Disposes of your data waste in a responsible way

Climate controller Manages and modifies weather patterns

Avatar manager: Designs and manages holograms of virtual people

Memory augmentation surgeon: Helps preserve and improve memory in an ageing population

Time broker: Handles time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services

Personal branding manager: Develops and manages your personal brand

Child designer: Designs offspring that fit parental requirements

Omnipotence delimiter: Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful

Personal medical apothecary Provides a bespoke range alternative therapies.

• Haptic programmer Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hand feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor from: 


via 10 well paid jobs of the future – Telegraph.


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