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Emerging Occupations in Asia – Most new job titles are for highly-skilled positions that involve data and information and communication technology

This paper explores how technology affects labor market outcomes in Asia through the creation of new types of work. It investigates how workers’ characteristics can influence one’s chances of accessing emerging occupations—defined as occupation groups with new job titles. Comparisons of successive lists of the National Classification of Occupations in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and … Continue reading

Gender Differences in Occupations in US – Risk aversion and attitudes toward competition, a clear scope for future

The differential sorting of men and women into different occupations could be an important channel through which gender wage differences are maintained. At the same time, the same factors that lead men and women to choose different occupations may also have a direct effect on the gender wage gap. Over the last decade, labor economists … Continue reading

Trends – 5 once-prestigious jobs

Lawyer Overall enrollment in law school has plummeted to a 27-year low and enrollment of first-year law students to a 40-year low, according to a report on annual enrollment released in December by the American Bar Association. That’s likely because those considering becoming lawyers know two things: 1) they’ll likely face relatively dismal job prospects … Continue reading

Healthcare in US – The best jobs for 2015

Job prospects across the entire healthcare sector are expected to grow through the next decade as more Americans gain access to health insurance and providers add staff to meet the demands, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Healthcare employment remained strong through the recession, and has continued to grow this year, with … Continue reading

Pie Charts by Occupations – What they do on a daily basis in real life (in french)

This is so good, that I have decided to post it even though it is in french. Des tableaux graphiques pour expliquer avec humour les différents métiers – Petit Petit Gamin.

Some jobs that weren’t around in 25 years ago

Social media manager/strategist/marketer  This occupation may not have its own BLS designation yet, but there’s no denying its emergence in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. “Anything that has to do with social media, companies having a social media strategist—that was a job that never existed, because there was no social media,” Barrington … Continue reading

Occupations in US – The 10 largest occupations accounted for 21 percent of total employment

Retail salespersons and cashiers were the occupations with the largest employment in May 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. These two occupations combined made up nearly 6 percent of total U.S. employment, with employment levels of 4.5 million and 3.3 million, respectively.  The data in this release are from the Occupational Employment … Continue reading

Humanities Major / What can you do with it ?

What may be surprising is the number of jobs available to humanities majors that are not typically associated with the field Continue reading

10 Jobs for tomorrow that barely exist today (Infographic)

Tomorrow’s graduates will be facing a much different environment than the ones their parents entered in the last generation. As a result of our growing reliance on the Internet and inability to curb our fossil fuel appetites, there are dozens of jobs today that didn’t exist just 10 years ago – and they pay much … Continue reading

US / STEM jobs are the fastest-growing

A survey by job-matching service TheLadders.com revealed that the fastest-growing jobs are in the tech sector, replacing those in middle management as the positions employers are trying to fill most. Of the fastest growing job titles over the last five years, seven of the top 10 are technology positions that necessitate specific technical skills for … Continue reading

New Occupations / 10 future jobs by 2030

What jobs can we expect in the future? Continue reading

10 ‘New’ jobs of the future

• Digital architect: Designs a selection of virtual buildings for advertisers and retailers to market their products • Home carer: Helps care for elderly people in their own homes • Elderly well-being consultant: Specialises in holistic and personalised care for the elderly • Body part maker: Creates living body parts for athletes and soldiers • … Continue reading

US / Jobs with the lowest and highest unemployment rates

The top jobs with the lowest unemployment rates for 2012 include fields in areas from health care and finance, to social services and engineering — and all require a lot of education and training. “You look at these jobs, they are all high skilled, high education, and high experience,” said Abraham Mosisa, an economist at … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

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