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We’ve all heard about how starting a blog can benefit writers who are looking to publish their work, but what if you’re not a writer? Could blogging still benefit you? In what ways?

Blogging is more than writing your thoughts and feelings about a topic you’re passionate about. In fact, blogging could entail many things. You could post videos, photos, infographics, and any other creations you can think of. You can offer help, post tutorials, and even earn money in some instances. Whatever you choose to produce when starting a blog, if taken seriously, it could be a great way to showcase your work as a professional.

Why Starting A Blog Could Help Your Job Search

As the demand to build an online presence in order to be more visible to potential employers grows, it isn’t enough to simply have social media profiles. If you want to have a bigger presence on the Internet, starting a blog could definitely help you in your job search.

In an interview with Annabel Candy, creator of travel blog Get in the Hot Spot and blogging tips site Successful Blogging, the expert blogger shared why she got into blogging and web design.

“I studied for an MA in Design for Interactive Media in 1995 because I had no idea about computers, but realized that I needed to get up to speed fast,” said Candy. “The Internet was so new then, I really had no idea what opportunities it would lead to but it’s opened up so many doors for me.”

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