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Vocational education and training has been neglected OECD says

“Vocational education and training has been neglected. If “strong vocational programmes increase competitiveness”, “many programmes fail to meet labour market needs” writes the OECD in LEARNING FOR JOBS: SUMMARY AND POLICY MESSAGES. The OCDE review “aims to bridge the gap between learning and jobs, by exploring how to make initial vocational education and training for … Continue reading

Job Search / Why Starting A Blog Could Help Your

We’ve all heard about how starting a blog can benefit writers who are looking to publish their work, but what if you’re not a writer? Could blogging still benefit you? In what ways? Blogging is more than writing your thoughts and feelings about a topic you’re passionate about. In fact, blogging could entail many things. … Continue reading

Monetary and fiscal policies will never suffice to reduce long-term unemployment

One of the main policies to reduce long-term unemployment is an active labor market policy. The OECD publishes each year data on Government investments in labor market programs like training and wage subsidies.
Gemany and the Scandinavian countries are champions of active labor market policies. This is well known. But, less known is the fact that the US are not. US investment in active labor market programs before the Great recession wasbelow the OECD average, nearly 4 times lower: 0.13% of GDP vs 0.48%.
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Labour markets : the German Recipe according to The Economist

According to The Economist, “the academic achievements of (german) schoolchildren, measured in international tests, look only mediocre… (And) the reading abilities of German 15-year-olds, according to the PISA studies published by the OECD, are below the average for rich countries. The question is then: “In a world where brainpower matters more and more, how does … Continue reading

OECD: Matching skills to new needs is an important challenge for member countries

“It is not just more of the same education that is needed” says the OECD, “the nature of the skills in demand is changing too.” The author adds: “The steepest decline in the demand for skills has recently occurred in routine cognitive task input, involving mental tasks that are well described by deductive or inductive rules… … Continue reading

Matching skills to the needs: can sector councils on employment and skills at European level contribute to this objective?

  In 2009, the European Commission requested an opinion, to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on the opportunity to create sector councils on employment and skills at European level in ordre to better match skills to the needs of industry and services undergoing change.   The report The EESC supports setting up sector … Continue reading

LinkedIn Skills / How to optimize

LinkedIn Skills is a means of adding a skill set to your profile in your areas of expertise to help users build an enhanced profile that matches searches while at the same time introduces users to the top people, companies and also jobs that are seeking a specific skill set. Read More @ HOW TO: Optimize … Continue reading

Immigration / Fiscal Burden / Canada : Recent immigrants cost an estimate of $16.3G to $23.6G annually

“Canada’s immigrant selection process needs to be revamped to focus on admitting people with Canadian job offers and skills needed by employers, recommends a new report released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank.” This is what says the Press Release on Patrick Grady and Herbert Grubel’s Immigration and the Canadian Welfare … Continue reading

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