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Careerminds / Outplacement Reduces Average Unemployment Time

Careerminds Group, Inc., a North American provider of virtual outplacement and career transition services reported today that its overall 2012 time-to-placement for job seekers in its programs averaged 12 weeks. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average unemployed duration for American workers is 41.9 weeks, or about 10.5 months. Careerminds reduced that figure significantly, getting its participants back to work in approximately 3 months, or 71 percent faster than the national average.

“This is a more than just a statistic,” said Careerminds Chairman Jack Gavin, who is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of outplacement firm Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower (NYSE: MAN). “This accomplishment is proof of how our exceptional people and unique technology combine to dramatically improve the lives of job seekers.”

Careerminds acknowledges caveats to its rapid placement rate. Factors like the job seeker’s regional geography, industry, occupation, and professional level do influence the range of unemployment duration outcomes. The company, however, considers the mean rate of 12 weeks, as reported here, to be a reliable indicator of its service effectiveness.

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via Outplacement Firm Reduces Average Unemployment Time for Job Seekers to Just 12 Weeks | The Recruiters Lounge.

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