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UK / Youth Work Experience Scheme / Kids need to be given real jobs

T’S easy to start believing it.

It’s easy to start believing it even when it’s George Osborne saying it.

Easy to start believing that everyone on benefits is a workshy scrounger when the rest of us are skint and wondering how our wages will stretch to payday never mind Christmas.

It’s easy to start believing that they should be encouraged to take any job or risk being stripped of their benefits.

Even when it’s not a real job. Even when it’s something called work experience for firms who, some suggest, are encouraged to fill positions with unpaid claimants instead of creating real jobs with real pay.

This work experience scheme was meant to be for the long-term unemployed, those who have spent years without a job. It was meant to get them back in the way of it. Getting up and out in the morning, doing a shift, going home.

If they did well, they were told, these unpaid positions could easily turn into a permanent position.

That’s the theory. The reality, as our investigation today reveals, is a target-hitting, box-ticking excercise for our civil servants. Many of the placements are literally worthless to those young people encouraged to go into them. In six weeks, they earn nothing, learn nothing and achieve nothing.

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 'Kids need to be given real jobs, not false hopes - Mail Opinion - Daily Record' - www_dailyrecord_co_uk_news_politics_kids-need-to-be-given-real-jobs-1480967

via Kids need to be given real jobs, not false hopes – Mail Opinion – Daily Record.

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