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Layoffs / Ten global companies cut 100,000 jobs in 2012

With an aim to save costs in troubled economic times, just 10 companies together have announced nearly one lakh job cuts worldwide since start of 2012 and they include giants like HP, Google and Citigroup.

While these companies come from a wide array of businesses, the reason behind layoffs has mostly been cost-cutting efforts in their respective operations.

Others who have announced major layoffs in 2012 so far are AMR Corporation, PepsiCo, MetLife, Hostess Brands, JC Penney Co, Procter & Gamble and Morgan Stanley.

Collectively, these ten companies have announced layoffs affecting at least 95,500 jobs in their operations globally.

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'Business Line _ News _ International _ Ten global companies cut 1 lakh jobs in 2012' - www_thehindubusinessline_com_news_international_ten-global-companies-cut-1-lakh-jobs-in-2012_artic

via Business Line : News / International : Ten global companies cut 1 lakh jobs in 2012.

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