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The Mandatory Work Experience Placements in UK – What students got out of employers being involved in their education

Work experience placements are mandatory in the UK for all young people aged 16–18 in education, and their employability effects and associated wage premia are well noted in the literature. In the half a century since the Newsom Report (1963) first recommended that exposure to the working world be incorporated into the final years of … Continue reading

UK / Half of all out of work young people have never had a job finds IPPR

Half of all out of work young people who are not in full-time education have never had a job, according to new IPPR analysis, released ahead of the latest unemployment statistics Continue reading

UK / Student interns three times more likely to get at least one definite job offer

Research shows that some 36 per cent of students completing a work experience placement had received at least one definite job offer by the Easter of their final year compared with just 11 per cent of other undergraduates. Experts warned that work experience was “no longer an option extra” for universities and had increasingly become … Continue reading

UK / Youth Work Experience Scheme / Kids need to be given real jobs

T’S easy to start believing it. It’s easy to start believing it even when it’s George Osborne saying it. Easy to start believing that everyone on benefits is a workshy scrounger when the rest of us are skint and wondering how our wages will stretch to payday never mind Christmas. It’s easy to start believing … Continue reading

Technology Professionals Resume | 10 Tips

These ten tips can help tech professionals optimize their resumes in order to nab that great gig. 1. Understand Attention Spans 2. Make It an Appropriate Length 3. General Summaries Bad, Technical Summaries Good 4. Dates Matter 5. Highlight Accomplishments, Not Just Job Functions 6. Quality Writing Still Matters 7. Use Action Verbs 8. There … Continue reading

Unpaid Work | Welfare reforms | Won’t Work

AS ANY middle-class parent knows, unpaid work experience can give youngsters a valuable introduction to a secure job. The coalition government has recognised it too, scrapping rules in 2011 that had formerly stopped 16- to 24-year-olds from doing unpaid work while claiming unemployment benefit. But moving from that to forcing them to work gratis in … Continue reading

UK | Unpaid work experience | Boots leaves scheme for long-term unemployed

Boots says it is withdrawing from the government’s scheme to help the long-term unemployed find work. It comes on the same day that ministers had to drop sanctions from a separate scheme that offers work experience to younger jobseekers. Boots said that it would no longer be offering any new placements on the work programme, … Continue reading

UK | CIPD calls for end to row over ‘unpaid’ work experience | 24 February 2012 | Stock Market Wire

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is warning that recent headlines, which associate voluntary unpaid work experience with slave labour, are in danger of discouraging employers from offering placements and denying young people a route into permanent employment. Good quality work experience provides an invaluable way for young people to build key skills … Continue reading

Unpaid ‘work experience’ is a depressing solution to youth unemployment – Telegraph Blogs

I was relatively lucky when I graduated. I only worked unpaid for around six weeks – four weeks at a think tank and two weeks here – before a newspaper started paying me to write. Lucky, because that was near enough as long as I could afford to stay in London. Had I been forced … Continue reading

Tesco job row could ‘undermine’ welfare schemes, British Chambers of Commerce warns – Telegraph

The business group has urged the Government and employers not to let the debate on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook drive policy decisions on tackling youth unemployment. Adam Marshall, BCC director of policy, said activists are increasingly using social media to mobilise support, but there are concerns that a relatively small group … Continue reading

Resume your kills –

What should you – and shouldn’t you – include in the skills section of your resume?  What’s important when listing your skills on your resume is to consider relevancy.  What skills do you have that show you are qualified  for the jobs for which you are applying? A resume skills section should include your skill … Continue reading

Disabled people face unlimited unpaid work or cuts in benefit – the documents | Politics |

The civil service documents that reveal the government’s policy proposal to make disabled people work unpaid for an unlimited amount of time We’ve had a lot of interest in our story on disabilities published last night. Many of the comments that have been posted express a sense of disbelief at the Department for Work and … Continue reading

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