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What to Say – Job Interview Questions and Answers

Sure, you know the obvious things to avoid—like showing up late or dressing too casually—but the following nine lines can just as easily derail your chances of scoring the gig. Read on to learn which talking points to steer clear of during your next job interview.

  • “I’m leaving my current job because my boss is terrible to work for.”

Even if a boss is pure evil, resist the urge to badmouth her, your old company and your coworkers.

  • “I want to be upfront about my weaknesses. I’m not good at…”

Though you should never say that you’re great at everything, admitting a flaw without being asked is a bad idea.

  • “How much vacation time do I get?”

It’s no secret that company perks are an exciting part of getting a new job. But by asking about them during an interview, you’ll seem focused on the wrong things.

  • “I love your glasses!”

You may think that complimenting your interviewer will create a connection, and possibly score you brownie points for your good taste. But there’s a fine line between praise and flattery.

  • “So, what does your company do?”

It’s one thing to ask specific questions about your potential duties at the company; it’s another to ask broad queries you could’ve found answers to yourself.

  • “I haven’t been able to find a job because of the bad economy.”

Everyone knows that the sluggish economy has made job-hunting tough. Still, blaming your situation on the tough market will make you seem passive. Instead, focus on the positives.

  • “I don’t have a salary range in mind—I’m flexible.”

By offering this, you’re probably trying to show how eager and easy to please you are.

  • “I want to work here because I need a job.”

If you’re trying to come across as to-the-point, you’re not going to achieve it with this sort of statement.

  • “I’m planning to start a family soon.”

While it’s instinctual to be honest about your personal life, revealing too much might hurt you.

Choosen excerpts by JMM from

What to Say on a Job Interview – Job Interview Questions and Answers – Woman’s Day.


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