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Canada / Could Germany’s “dual system” training work ?

In Canada, by contrast, apprenticeships are generally limited to the skilled trades—carpenters, electricians, pipefitters and the like—and attract a much older crowd with “significant” labour market experience, according to a 2011 Statistics Canada study. Only about half of the more than 400,000 registered apprentices will actually complete their programs, with studies attributing the low success … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment – Skills Gap – Germany will indeed help Spain

Germany says it will help Spain to launch German-style apprenticeships for its young people, half of whom are unemployed because of the debt crisis. Spain’s Education Minister, Jose Ignacio Wert, signed an agreement with his German counterpart in Stuttgart on Thursday, to give more Spaniards on-the-job training with German firms. Spain’s youth unemployment has soared … Continue reading

Skill Gap | Matching Education to Jobs – Businessweek

Educational achievement in America, once the envy of the world, has slipped steadily over the past couple of decades. At the same time, U.S. businesses increasingly suffer from a shortage of skilled workers in many technical and specialist fields, even as overall unemployment remains distressingly high. For all these problems, there is a practical solution … Continue reading

Talent War | Germany Woos Portugal’s Lost Generation – SPIEGEL ONLINE

“The crisis-hit nations of southern Europe have one booming industry left — their skilled workers are in high demand in Germany, which has a chronic shortage of qualified labor. German employers in search of nurses and engineers have launched a recruitment drive in Portugal, where over a third of young people are unemployed” writes Christoph Paulyon … … Continue reading

Germany | The roots of the German miracle – apprenticeship – is not the only factor

In a provocative paper, Hermann Gartner[i] and Christian Merkl[ii] attribute the so-called German miracle to its “wage moderation” that was the result of labour-market policies in the years preceding the global crisis – a point that is often ignored in the public debate. It could well be that apprenticeship is not the only factor. “While the US … Continue reading

German Banks See Job Cuts Amid Pessimistic Outlook, Survey Shows – Businessweek

Almost 25 percent of German banks plan to cut jobs in the next sixth months as they remain more pessimistic about the financial industry’s outlook than many of their European peers, Ernst & Young reported, citing a survey. Only 12 percent of German lenders said they expect an increase in employment and 65 percent expect … Continue reading

Germany | Economy Shrinks in Fourth Quarter: Confident Downturn Will Be Brief – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

The German economy shrank by 0.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, as the euro crisis began to bite. But the contraction was less than expected, and economists expect Germany to avoid the recession plaguing many countries in the euro crisis. Leading indicators point to a resumption of growth by mid-2012. The German economy, … Continue reading

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