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Germany | Low Youth Unemployment

The protracted European debt crisis and austerity measures have made career prospects for many of the continent’s youth bleaker than ever. In Spain and Greece, nearly half of all those under age 25 are unemployed.

But … that’s not the case in Germany. In stark contrast, Germany’s youth employment is the highest in Europe, with only a 7.8 percent jobless rate. At the heart of that success is a learn-on-the-job apprenticeship system that has its roots in the Middle Ages but is thriving today in Germany’s modern, export-oriented economy.

On-The-Job Training

A brightly lit Lufthansa workshop in Hamburg is part of that apprenticeship system. Teenagers like Dittmar, many dressed in the company’s navy blue shirts and overalls, are busy learning the basics: drilling, filing, soldering and manipulating sheet metal.

Dittmar’s apprenticeship is part of Germany’s well-established and successful “dual system,” so-called because training is done both in-house at a company and partly at local vocational colleges.

About two-thirds of his time is spent on the job at Lufthansa — split between workshops and classrooms, and actually working on real aircraft and engines supervised by an experienced full-time mechanic, a “training buddy.”


Read more @ The Secret To Germany’s Low Youth Unemployment : NPR.


8 thoughts on “Germany | Low Youth Unemployment

  1. I like this post and it is great to see such success in Germany. We need more of this kind of system here in South Africa – “training buddy” is a better and more accurate term I think than: “workplace mentor” as we say here in SA. I am reblogging this post. Thanks.

    Posted by red rabbit skills services | April 4, 2012, 1:37 pm


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