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Parental Leave around the World – Which Countries Have the Most (Infographic)

Most leave policies around the world offer fully paid or partially paid time off. This pay is financed in a variety of ways including by individual employers and by the government. In addition to maternity leave and paternity leave, many countries allow for parental leave. This is extra leave that parents can take after the … Continue reading

Paid Parental Leave in US – What are the true economic effects ?

What are the true economic effects of paid leave? Real-life experiments are underway in three states that already have operational paid leave programs: California, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Their experiences — particularly California’s, where the policy is a decade old — offer some answers. (New Jersey’s started in 2009 and Rhode Island’s last year.)  … Continue reading

Shared Parental Leaves in UK – 63% said they were either interested or very interested

Employee interest in shared parental leave (SPL) will be much higher than originally forecast by the government, according to research by law firm Linklaters. Linklaters surveyed 250 recent parents and parents-to-be working in FTSE 100 companies about SPL, which comes into force on 1 December 2014. Almost two-thirds (63%) said they were either interested or … Continue reading

Maternity protection – A large majority of women workers, around 830 million, are not adequately covered in practice, mainly in developing countries

Most countries have adopted maternity protection provisions since 1919, when the ILO adopted the first Maternity Protection Convention, yet at least 830 million women workers still don’t have adequate protection, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said in a new report. In its report, Maternity and Paternity at Work: Law and practice across the world, the … Continue reading

Maternity and paternity at work around the world – An ILO Report

The year 2019 will mark both the ILO’s 100th anniversary and the first centenary of international labour standards on maternity protection. In fact, protecting maternity at work was one of the primary concerns of the ILO. It was during the first International Labour Conference in 1919 that the first Convention on maternity protection (Convention No. … Continue reading

Paternity Leave / What happens when men cut back on work to fulfill family obligations?

Research shows that working men and women tend to make different adjustments when they become parents. Women typically resolve work-family conflicts by reducing their work hours, whereas men typically increase their work hours. And when women take maternity leave or temporarily cut back to part-time, many employers, rightly or wrongly, perceive them to be less … Continue reading

Family and Medical Leave in US / Job Protection Isn’t Enough

Twenty years ago, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was signed into law. Without downplaying the historical significance of the FMLA’s guarantee of job-protected leave for a majority of U.S. workers, it had a limited impact on the frequency of parental leave and no impact on the likelihood that parental leave is paid Continue reading

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