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Labor Force Participation in US – An increasing share of Americans outside of the labour force are not making an effort to come back

The chart below showed that 93% of those classified as “not in the labour force” in October also resided there in September. Furthermore, since this share hit its cycle-low in June 2010, there has been a clear upward trend and we are currently around historically high levels. In other words, an increasing share of Americans … Continue reading

Labor Force Participation in U.S. and Abroad – Charts

Despite the similar trends in youth, prime-age and pre-retirement participation rates, the U.S. is the only country in our sample experiencing a recent decline in the aggregate labor force participation rate. This is explained mostly by a larger-than-average drop in the labor force participation of prime-age males, a decrease in the participation of prime-age women … Continue reading

Participation in US – Looking solely at the falling unemployment rate overstates that recovery

I am pleased to be here today to address an important topic for understanding the health of the labor market and the economy overall: the labor force participation rate, which currently stands at 62.6 percent. The continued decline of the unemployment rate since 2010 is the most commonly cited piece of evidence that the labor … Continue reading

The decline in labor force participation in US – What the Economic Report of the President says

The decline in labor force participation between the fourth quarter of 2007 and the fourth quarter of 2014 can be decomposed into three parts: an aging population, the economic downturn, and a residual that is attribut‐ able to other factors. Figure 3‐6 shows the decomposition of this decline over time based on CEA modeling. By … Continue reading

US – June 2015 Job Report vs October 1977

So what exactly did the United States look like in October 1977, the last time the labor-participation rate was this low? Obviously the most important question is what Americans were listening to. (The month’s top songs were Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life” and—seriously—Meco’s “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band.”) The American economy at the time … Continue reading

US – Some 432,000 people left the workforce

The size of the labor force tanked last month, helping to make for a very mixed June jobs report. Though payrolls climbed at a healthy clip, some 432,000 people left the workforce, Labor Department data showed. That sent the participation rate — which tracks the share of working-age people who are either employed or looking for work — to 62.6 … Continue reading

The Labor Force Projections in US – A Map

From 2010 to 2030, patterns of labor force participation will change across regions of the United States. In some regions, the primary demographic effect will be changes in age structure, which will drive declines in labor force participation rates. In other regions, in-migration and changes in the racial and ethnic composition of the adult population … Continue reading

Baby Boomers and Participation in US – The aging effect accounts for more than 40 percent of the decline

The United States is in the process of a dramatic demographic change – the rapid aging of the popula- tion – and that change has implications for the labor force participation and unemployment figures that we see every month. Since older people have lower labor force participation than the young, as more of the population … Continue reading

The Missing Workers in US – 5.8 Million with vast majority under 55

Since the start of the Great Recession over six years ago, labor force participation has dropped significantly. Most of the drop—roughly three-quarters—was due to the lack of job opportunities in the Great Recession and its aftermath.   There are now 5.8 million workers who are not in the labor force but who would be if job opportunities were … Continue reading

Declining Participation Rate | Any bounceback in the participation rate will be fairly small

The Chart Below from Calculated Risk shows the actual annual participation rate and two forecasts based on changes in demographics. Now that the leading edge of the baby boom generation is starting to retire, the participation rate is declining and will probably continue to decline for the next 20 years. Note: the yellow line is … Continue reading

Srinking Labor Force | Women are pouring out of the job market

Among the new employment figures the Labor Department released Friday morning is an obscure one that’s ripe for politicking: the labor force participation rate. It measures the percentage of the population age 16 and above who are actually working. The labor force participation rate fell last month to 63.6 percent, its lowest level since 1981. … Continue reading

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