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IT Skills Gap in UK – It continues to increase says Roger Keenan

Worryingly, City Lifeline research has shown this may just be the start of the problem. Almost a third of UK senior IT personnel believe IT equipment has become more complex than five years ago. Its likely this trend will continue and could have a huge impact on the technology industry in this country. The gap … Continue reading

IT in UK – 74 per cent have experienced difficulty recruiting staff

74 per cent of current IT leaders have experienced difficulty recruiting staff with the necessary skills and experience they require according to new research commissioned by Reconnix, the Open Source and Cloud Service provider.  When asked on the issue of hiring qualified staff, only 12 per cent of those responsible for hiring technology related positions … Continue reading

Tech Jobs in Canada / Big data and business intelligence pay best

Gaming and animation may still be the sexiest jobs in the tech sector, but it’s the fast-moving world of big data and business intelligence that will earn you the best money, according to the 2014 Technology Salary Report. The report is published annually by the Toronto-based recruitment firm Lannick Technology and gives us a glimpse … Continue reading

Layoffs In Tech / All the growth is in high mobility

While much of the focus in the current news cycle seems to be on celebrity top executives and the minutiae of selecting and deselecting them, there is an underlying trend receiving far less notice: layoffs of ordinary workers at tech companies. The problem stems from the long-term malaise of the x86/Windows ecosystem, which has been largely upended … Continue reading

IT Hiring Survey in US / The employment picture remains bright to start 2014

The employment picture for technology professionals remains bright to start 2014, according to nearly 900 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters. Just as they did in our mid-2013 hiring survey, nearly three out of four respondents (73%) reported planning to hire more technology pros in the six months ahead. The difference? Nearly one-quarter or 24 percent of … Continue reading

Skills Gap in Ireland / Tech multinationals boost but jobs go unfilled

On December 15, after years of spending cuts and tax rises, Ireland will become the first of the rescued eurozone countries to exit its EU-IMF bailout programme. Dublin had to move the economy away from reliance on property “to move to a sustainable economy built on enterprise, innovation and exports,” the minister with responsibility for … Continue reading

IT Workers / 35 percent plan to look for another job in the next year survey finds

It’s challenging to find great information technology (IT) employees, but keeping them may be even harder, new research from Robert Half Technology suggests. Although most Chief Information Officers (CIOs) recently surveyed (70 percent) rate their workers’ satisfaction levels fairly high, more than one-third (35 percent) of IT workers polled said they plan to look for … Continue reading

Youth unemployment / Using data analytics to help the young jobless

Using a software to analyse structured data such as educational records, to build a statistical model that could predict the likelihood of a young person falling into unemployment after leaving education Continue reading

Europe’s Offshoring / 770,000 IT jobs lost in 15 years

Offshoring, technology advancements and low growth have contributed to a massive reduction in IT jobs in Europe, with almost half the number of IT roles in the largest companies expected to exist in 2017 compared to 2002. According to research from The Hackett Group, in 2002 there were 1.6 million corporate IT jobs in the … Continue reading

IT / Portrayals are deterring girls from studying computer science

The stereotype of the male computer geek is a staple of modern television and film are deterring girls from studying computer science Continue reading

Datacenter and IT job / Will cloud adoption bring about an apocalypse?

Will cloud adoption bring about an apocalypse? Jason Perlow and David Gewirtz look at the question Continue reading

Technology Skills Gap: Fact or Fiction? Part I (Video)

Many organizations are looking to take advantage of technologies like unified communications, mobility, big data, and cloud solutions (to name a few) to enhance business operations and remain competitive in their sectors. Implementing and supporting such solutions requires highly specialized engineers to design, install and manage networks as the backbone of these deployments – video – The myths and realities of the technology skills gap with Gary Beach
Continue reading

US / A skills Gap ? Most H-1B IT Foreign Workers hold entry-level positions

There is little empirical evidence to suggest that foreign engineers displace American engineers as a whole. If anything, one recent study suggests, the growth of immigrant workers in American companies helps younger American technical workers — more of them are hired and at higher-paying jobs — but has no noticeable consequences, good or bad, on … Continue reading

Australia / IT workers felling threatened by skilled migrants

Skilled migrants entering Australia are causing IT workers to feel threatened in their jobs, according to a new survey. Nearly 1800 IT professionals were surveyed by recruitment firm Greythorn in the first quarter of this year, and more than one third were found to feel threatened by the amount of skilled workers entering the country. … Continue reading

US / Tech Talent Shortage: A Myth ?

So it turns out the United States is not, in fact, the educational wasteland tech industry lobbyists would have you think. Companies like Microsoft often claim that America is suffering from an economically hobbling shortage of science, math, and computer talent. The solution, they argue, is to let employers fill their hiring gaps by importing tens of … Continue reading

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