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Indonesia – A bleaker picture than the notoriously unreliable official numbers

Indonesian companies are shedding jobs as they grapple with the weakest economic growth in six years, adding to the troubles facing President Joko Widodo, who was elected last year on pledges to dig the country out of a rut.  Government data might suggest no cause for alarm – unemployment was 5.81 percent in February, up … Continue reading

Youth Unemployment in Indonesia – 22% of the 15-24 years

Youth unemployment in Indonesia is alarmingly high – 22% of Indonesians between 15 and 24 years old cannot find a job. There is pressure on the newly installed Widodo government to provide more jobs for youths in labour-intensive sectors. Vocational school students in Indonesia play an important role in providing growth in the country’s manufacturing … Continue reading

East Asia Pacific – more than 30% of people ages 15 to 24 are completely left out—they have neither a job nor receive any education or training says World Bank Report

KEY FINDINGS In the last 20 years, East Asia Pacific saw rising productivity amid a brisk structural transformation, with large movements of people into cities and higher output in agriculture, manufacture and services. Countries that were poor a generation ago successfully integrated into the global value chain, taking advantage of low labor costs.  The unprecedented … Continue reading

Asia – The evolution of income distributions, inequality, and poverty between 1992 and 2010

The incidence of poverty in the Asian region is quite high despite the spectacular growth performance of the PRC, India and other economies in the region. According to the 2013 World Development Indicators, 12.5% of the population in East Asia and 31% of the population in South Asia are below the $1.25/day poverty line used … Continue reading

Indonesia / Only 8% of Indonesians are college graduates

Only 8% of Indonesians are college graduates, according to Co-ordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa, quoted by Jaring News. “We can predict that in 2040 we will only reach a 20% level of college graduates,” Hatta told Khabar Southeast Asia. Continue reading

Indonesia / Near 70 percent of workforce has not completed junior high school

An influential business lobby has called for better management of Indonesia’s human resources to help the country prepare for entry into a regional economic community in 2015. James Riady, the deputy for health and education affairs at the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), said at a meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday that it … Continue reading

Indonesia / Minimum Wage / At least 500,000 workers in about 1,500 companies across the country might lose their jobs Employers Association says

Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) chairman Sofjan Wanandi said that at least 500,000 workers in about 1,500 companies across the country might lose their jobs in March as the companies were no longer able to pay their workers in accordance with the new minimum wages. “I think half a million is the smallest figure we are … Continue reading

Indonesia / Minimum Wage / 80 percent of Companies request for exemption accepted

Hundreds of companies will be exempt from paying their employees the new minimum wage to prevent bankruptcy, the manpower and transmigration minister said on Thursday. “There are 941 companies requesting the delay of the minimum wage increase, we will grant about 80 percent of them, but please note that the delay was needed as a … Continue reading

Indonesia / Minimum Wage / Workers protest on delay in implementing minimum wage

Hundreds of workers from the Indonesian Metal Workers Federation (FSPMI) Batam branch staged a protest at the Batam administration region office on Wednesday. They urged the local government to quickly implement the 2013 monthly minimum wage (UMK), rejected by the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo). There was a heavy police and military presence at the demonstration. … Continue reading

Indonesia / 47 Firms out of 941 Exempted From Minimum Wage Rise

Forty-seven companies are exempt from having to pay their employees the new minimum wage, Manpower Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said on Monday. Speaking at a hearing at the House of Representatives, Muhaimin said the 47 firms, out of 941 who asked for an exemption, were the only ones to have been approved. He added that many … Continue reading

Indonesia / End of Moratorium on Hiring Civil Servants but …

The Indonesian government announced on Monday that the moratorium on hiring new civil servants was lifted at the end of December, 16 months after it was instituted, but that stringent recruitment policies would be maintained. Vice President Boediono said that the essence of the moratorium would still be continued — zero growth policy. “The efforts … Continue reading

Bali / Tripartite committee to recommend minimum wage

The Bali provincial administration plans to set minimum wages on the island based on the business sector by the end of this year, saying that the policy would ensure better livelihoods for workers on the island. “The provincial administration is willing to issue this regulation by the end of 2013 and therefore it can be … Continue reading

Indonesia / Minimum Wage / A Task Force to Anticipate Labor Layoffs

The Manpower and Transmigration Ministry has established a task force to monitor the threat of job dismissals following the implementation of monthly minimum wage standards considered as too burdensome by industries, the ministry said on Wednesday. “Our task force is continuously monitoring, so that not a single job dismissal takes place because of the rising … Continue reading

Indonesia / Pressure on Nike suppliers for paying minimum wages

The battle over factory pay in Indonesia is intensifying, with vocal local trade unions joining hands with a US non-governmental organisation to pressure Nike suppliers into paying minimum wages. A yawning gap is opening up between employers, who argue that hefty minimum wage increases are destroying their profitability, and trade unions, who argue that wages … Continue reading

Indonesia / Layoffs in Drop ?

Cases of layoffs in Indonesia dropped nearly 60 percent in 2012 from a year earlier, pointing to improved businesses and labor relationships, said the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration. Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said last year there were 1,916 cases of layoffs involving 7,465 workers — a significant decrease from the 3,875 cases of layoffs involving … Continue reading

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