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Bali / Tripartite committee to recommend minimum wage

The Bali provincial administration plans to set minimum wages on the island based on the business sector by the end of this year, saying that the policy would ensure better livelihoods for workers on the island.

“The provincial administration is willing to issue this regulation by the end of 2013 and therefore it can be enforced in early 2014,” head of Bali’s Manpower and Transmigration Agency I Wayan Suasta told Bali Daily recently.

The minimum wage is the minimum standard payment that has to be paid to any worker in the province. The minimum wage is issued by the governor, based on the recommendations of the provincial wage committee.

The committee is tripartite, consisting of the government, workers’ unions and businessmen’s associations. Before submitting the recommendation to the governor, the wage committee has to consider a market survey result, factor in inflation, economic growth and companies’ average financial capabilities.

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 'Govt supports move to challenge Jakarta’s minimum wage I The Jakarta Post' - www_thejakartapost_com_news_2012_11_23_govt-supports-move-challenge-jakarta-s-minimum-wage_html

via Bali to set minimum wage based on business sector | The Jakarta Post.

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