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US / The Most Dangerous Jobs

Here’s Allsup’s ranking of the 11 industry groups with the highest serious injury rates nationwide Continue reading

Australia / 600 SA Health jobs cut

Australia. Health Minister Jack Snelling has told a parliamentary committee that 600 full time equivalent jobs would be axed over the next four years. Continue reading

The Impact of Wealth on Health Behaviors: a research paper

‘Unhealthy lifestyles and unhealthy consumption are more prevalent among the poor, and account for a large fraction of the substantial socioeconomic disparities in health’ write Hans van Kippersluis and Titus J. Galama in Why the Rich Drink More but Smoke Less: The Impact of Wealth on Health Behaviors on (Adapted excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) The paper … Continue reading

Asthma at Work / 18 Jobs identified by Study

Almost 10,000 people born in Britain in 1958 were tracked for 15 years and researchers were able to identify which jobs were linked with an increased risk of developing asthma as an adult. It was found that the workplace had a greater influence on adult-onset asthma than smoking, accounting for one in six cases of … Continue reading

A Bad Boss / 44% been verbally or even physically abused by a superior (video)

There are only two kinds of bosses: those that support their teams and have a positive overall impact on productivity and those that do not. Unfortunately, a lot of U.S. bosses are just making work harder to do well. Today, nearly one-third of American employees report that they feel underappreciated by their direct supervisors. And … Continue reading

UPDATE – Indian Brain Drain | A law to curb it is coming

Compulsory Brain Drain : Indian Doctors should come back after Higher studies in the US | Asian Correspondent Any doctor who is going to the US for higher medical studies will have to sign a bond with the government that they will return back after their studies. Universities across the US will ask for this … Continue reading

Indian Brain Drain | A law to curb it is coming

With doctors increasingly preferring to migrate to greener pastures abroad, the Government is in the process of tightening of norms to curb this disturbing trend that has left the Indian medical system ailing. Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday said that the Ministry is working to make the laws stringent wherein any doctor going … Continue reading

CA | No Jobs for 43% of Newly Licensed Nurses

Forty-three percent of California nurses, who were newly licensed RNs in the previous 18 months, said they had not landed their first job, according to a Fall 2011 survey conducted by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC). The survey was conducted in collaboration with the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), California … Continue reading

Canada | Layoffs begin for civilian defence workers

More than 1,000 civilian workers at the Department of National Defence will be told Wednesday that their jobs no longer exist. The cuts will hit affect Quebec and Ontario the most but the reductions will be felt across the country. At this point the jobs of 1,119 employees at DND have been identified but more … Continue reading

Omnicare Inc | Layoffs hit 250 people in Stockton

Two health industry giants recently announced layoffs affecting about 250 Stockton employees. Omnicare Inc., a Fortune 400 company, listed 95 layoffs from closing its recently acquired dispensing pharmacy at 4217 Coronado Ave. in a federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act notice filed with state employment officials. via Layoffs hit 250 people in Stockton | … Continue reading

Jackson Announces Large-Scale Layoffs « CBS Miami

Jackson Health System chief executive officer Carlos Migoya announced Tuesday that more than 900 people will be laid off and nearly 200 positions will be eliminated in a cost cutting move for the troubled hospital system… via Jackson Announces Large-Scale Layoffs « CBS Miami.

The Intractable Tragedy of Long-Term Unemployment – Derek Thompson – Business – The Atlantic

The vast majority of the 5.5 million long-term unemployed have been out of work for more than a year. For this installment of “Working it Out,” we asked you if the government should enact special programs to help the long-term unemployed. We’ve received more than 100 responses. Here are some of the smartest, most heartfelt, … Continue reading

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