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Canada – A company success with the Temporary Foreign Workers

We are an East Indian sweets distribution company which started off as a local retail outlet in 2001 in Surrey, B.C. We began with only two employees, and it’s with the help of the foreign workers we hired within the first few years of operation that we excelled to be able to provide jobs to … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Workers Program in Canada – The solution is to fine the offending firms, and not to curtail it

Given the benefits provided by Canada’s lower-skilled TFW’s, why has the public’s perception of the program been negatively skewed? First, rare and isolated abuses of TFWs have been reported by the media. The solution to these transgressions is to fine the offending firms, and not to curtail a successful TFW labour program. What of the … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada – No inspection has been done

Not one Canadian employer of temporary foreign workers has been inspected to date despite a Conservative government promise to do so during last year’s initial overhaul of the controversial program.  Now, with additional changes to the program to be announced Friday, questions are swirling around why Ottawa has been so slow to act on a … Continue reading

Canada – Temporary Foreign Workers program will include cap and heavy fines

Changes to the temporary foreign workers program will include a cap on the number of workers coming to Canada for low-wage jobs, and heavy fines for employers who break the rules, CTV News has learned.  Employment Minister Jason Kenney will announce the changes during a news conference Friday. The limit on low-wage workers will apply … Continue reading

Banff – 27.3 per cent population immigrants in 2011, not including temporary foreign workers

While debate about the future of the foreign worker program, and an increase in immigrants more generally, continues to rage across Canada, a different kind of discussion is taking place here. In the cafes and tourist shops that line Banff Avenue, the conversation centres not on whether transitory new immigrants are stealing jobs from long-time … Continue reading

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program – Workers left in limbo by moratorium

Thousands of temporary foreign workers already on the job in Canada and in the midst of renewing their work permits are left in limbo by the moratorium on the fast food industry imposed by Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.  If the moratorium is not lifted within 90 days, most of these workers will be forced … Continue reading

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program – Their number doubled in 3 years in Windsor

Statistics show the number of temporary foreign workers employed in Windsor has more than doubled since 2009. The website for the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration shows 614 were employed in 2009. That number jumped to 1,550 in 2012, the last year for which data is available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. The … Continue reading

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program – Then-Human Resources Minister Diane Finley knew

A cabinet minister in the Harper government was warned two years ago that jobs were going to temporary foreign workers even in areas where there were Canadians available to do them, according to internal documents.  In notes prepared for then-Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, HRSDC warned of a “disconnect between the Temporary Foreign Worker program” … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada – Eased hiring conditions have risen unemployment rates in Alberta and British Columbia says CD Howe

Since easier access to a large supply of foreign labour might generate undesirable incentives on the part of both employers and prospective workers, a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program requires careful design. Failure at any stage of the process – at time of hiring, during employment, or at the end of the contract – is … Continue reading

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program – Kenney banning restaurants

Amid a roar of criticism, Employment Minister Jason Kenney took action Thursday against the government’s scandal-ridden temporary foreign worker program by banning restaurants from accessing it.  Kenney issued the surprise moratorium hours after the C.D. Howe Institute released a scathing study into the program that concluded it had spurred joblessness in B.C. and Alberta, two … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada – Waitresses too

Sandy Nelson can’t fight back the tears as she talks about losing her long-term serving job to temporary foreign workers.  “How can that be right, that they’re not Canadians? I’m a Canadian,” said Nelson, 58, who worked at Brothers Classic Grill and Pizza [previously called El Rancho] in Weyburn, Sask., for 28 years. “How can it … Continue reading

After the Gold Medal to Canada – Temporary foreign workers needed to coach hockey teams

The federal government approved the hiring of hockey coaches through the temporary foreign worker program – an immigration stream meant only for jobs Canadians can’t fill.  In six cases since 2010, the government approved Labour Market Opinion (LMO) applications to bring in hockey coaches under the TFW program, documents obtained through the Access to Information … Continue reading

McDonald’s in Canada – The federal investigation use of temporary foreign workers has widened

The federal investigation into McDonald’s use of temporary foreign workers has widened to several other locations, as more local workers speak out about feeling sidelined and shortchanged.  “I feel it’s definitely discrimination against Canadians,” said Chris Eldridge, from Lethbridge, Alta. Eldridge just quit his managerial job for six McDonald’s locations in Alberta, because he said … Continue reading

US / Immigration Reform needed to fill the Skills Gap

The problem with the system is that it’s arbitrary and doesn’t meet the needs of employers Continue reading

Canada / A report calls for a cap temporary foreign workers

Author and Carleton University economics professor Christopher Worswick said a cap is needed to “ensure the program does not grow too large.” Continue reading

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