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McDonald’s in Canada – The federal investigation use of temporary foreign workers has widened

The federal investigation into McDonald’s use of temporary foreign workers has widened to several other locations, as more local workers speak out about feeling sidelined and shortchanged. Capture d’écran 2014-04-14 à 08.33.42

“I feel it’s definitely discrimination against Canadians,” said Chris Eldridge, from Lethbridge, Alta.

Eldridge just quit his managerial job for six McDonald’s locations in Alberta, because he said he could no longer stomach denying local employees much-needed shifts to accommodate temporary foreign workers.

“Honestly, some days I wonder, is this still Canada? Everyone is supposed to have equal rights.”

Former McDonald’s manager Chris Eldridge did employee schedules for six franchise locations in Lethbridge. He said he was told to give full time shifts first to the foreign workers, who he said were paid more than locals, too. (CBC)

Eldridge was a manager who did the worker scheduling for McDonald’s franchisee Dan Brown. He’s also upset about differences in pay. Many foreign workers started at $10.80 an hour, he said, while local employees doing the same job made less.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at McDonald’s foreign worker practices face growing investigation – British Columbia – CBC News.



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