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The ‘Great Resignation’- Really the ‘Great Discontent’ Gallup finds

A new Gallup analysis finds that 48% of America’s working population is actively job searching or watching for opportunities. Businesses are facing a staggeringly high quit rate — 3.6 million Americans resigned in May alone — and a record-high number of unfilled positions. And Gallup discovered that workers in all job categories, from customer-facing service … Continue reading

Workplaces in US – Gallup data reveal an unsettling pattern

There is an urgency for leaders to define and convey their vision more clearly — and rally employees around it. Gallup data reveal an unsettling pattern in the U.S. workplace. Employees have little belief in their company’s leadership. We have found that just: • 22% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization has … Continue reading

Employee Engagement in US – 13 Percent have “the passion of the explorer,”

AMERICAN companies will spend over $1 billion on employee engagement in 2017 and over $100 billion on training and development activities. Yet despite this investment, employee engagement remains low, at 34 percent. Perhaps more troubling: In an increasingly unpredictable business environment, most US workers, even those who are engaged, lack the disposition to embrace unexpected … Continue reading

US – Graduates’ current work engagement linked to key college experiences

Decades of Gallup research have demonstrated that engaged employees are more productive, are less likely to be absent, have lower turnover, have fewer safety incidents and are more productive and profitable. And findings from the Gallup-Purdue Index — a study of more than 30,000 college graduates — reveal some surprising connections between the experiences students … Continue reading

Germany – Only 15% of employees are engaged

Gallup has been continuously measuring and reporting German workplace engagement since 2001. One of our key findings is that, in any given year, fewer than one-fifth of employees in Germany are engaged in their jobs. Right now, only 15% of employees are engaged and 15% are actively disengaged. This has serious effects: Actively disengaged employees … Continue reading

US – 51% of managers are not engaged and cost $77 billion to $96 billion annually

Managers have the greatest impact on employee engagement, which makes this finding very worrisome: A strikingly low percentage — just 35% — of U.S. managers are themselves engaged, while 51% are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged. By Gallup’s estimates, the “not engaged” group costs the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually through … Continue reading

India – 46 percent are fully engaged finds survey

According to the Dale Carnegie India Employee Engagement Report 2014 released today, Indian employees are significantly more engaged than their global counterparts with 46 percent employees fully engaged compared to the global average of 34 percent. Large companies in India with more than 100,000 employees tend to have the lowest amount of disgruntled employees at … Continue reading

Only 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work, highest proportions of actively disengaged in Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to Gallup’s new 142-country study on the State of the Global Workplace. In other words, about one in eight workers — roughly 180 million employees in the countries studied — are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their … Continue reading

India / The highest level of employee commitment finds a survey

India leads the bandwagon in employee commitment globally, with 50 per cent of workforce being totally committed to their job, according to a recent survey Continue reading

Workplace Engagement / Bridging the Gap

The numbers are staggering. An estimated 70-percent of Americans are not engaged in the workplace. Continue reading

US / Teachers for grades K-12 with less than one year of experience are the most engaged at work finds Gallup

U.S. teachers for grades K-12 with less than one year of experience are the most engaged at work, at 35.1% Continue reading

35% of workers are highly engaged, 26% disengaged and 17% detached

Globally, just over a third (35%) of the more than 32,000 full-time workers participating in our study are highly engaged writes HR consultants Towers Watson in Global Workforce Study Engagement at Risk: Driving Strong Performance in a Volatile Global Environment. (Adapted chosen excerpts by JMM to follow) On one level, this isn’t surprising. Five years of economic turmoil, nearly … Continue reading

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