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US – Outlook – Budget impasse blocking growth

Most economists surveyed by USA TODAY have little faith a divided Congress will adequately address looming tax increases and spending cuts, significantly hampering economic growth well into 2013… via Economists see budget impasse blocking growth – Related articles IMF – Global Economic Outlook More Worrisome Neither Obama nor Romney Will Jump Start Jobs Growth … Continue reading

Federal Reserve – FOMC statement – The Economy has gone from “expanding moderately” to “decelerated somewhat”

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in June suggests that economic activity decelerated somewhat over the first half of this year. Growth in employment has been slow in recent months, and the unemployment rate remains elevated… The Committee expects economic growth to remain moderate over coming quarters and then to pick up … Continue reading

China – A demographic perfect storm is coming

The idea that the so-called “demographic dividend” is coming to an end for China is not a new one.  Yet not many people are sufficiently aware of the consequence of ageing (and shrinking) population.  Population ageing poses a headwind to asset prices, real estate in particular.  Population ageing is somewhat associated with lower inflation (if … Continue reading

China – Slower growth but tight job market

Workers living through the slowest run of global economic growth in more than three years are in fear for their jobs everywhere except in the very place investors are most concerned about – China. Despite six straight quarters of slowing growth, there are more job vacancies in China than there have been for around a … Continue reading

In The News | Cloud computing, Romney’s Bain Record, Layoffs, African Youth, College Grad, Older Workers, and Much More

Cloud computing: 14 million jobs by 2015? – I’m not Convinced Cloud computing is about efficiency. Cloud computing is about replacing thousands of underutilized server rooms and IT departments with shared facilities with higher utilization r… JobMarketMon Romney’s Bain Record on Job Creation Attacked – Businessweek – President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign attacked Mitt Romney’s … Continue reading

At The Root Of the Global Job Gap | Finance and economic growth delinked

The neglect of credit and debt in economic theory continues to produce muddled policy thinking. Take the tendency to protect banks lock, stock and barrel, at huge costs. The mantra is that if we let banks go bankrupt, that will ruin the economy. This is a nifty inversion of the truth: it is precisely the … Continue reading

Wage Growth in the U.S. Will Feel Effects of Great Recession for Years to Come | The Conference Board

The Great Recession has confronted U.S. workers with an extended buyer’s market in jobs, according to a new Executive Action Report from The Conference Board, leading to overall wage growth between 2008 and 2010 that was the weakest since the 1960s. Feeling the Pain: Wage Growth in the United States examines prevailing trends in recent … Continue reading

UPDATE : EU growth plan | Target: 17 million jobs

European Union officials are putting the final touches to a detailed economic growth plan they hope to unveil next week. The move comes as investors, spooked by the prospect of a deepening recession in the eurozone’s south, have pushed Spanish borrowing costs to their highest levels for four months. A draft of the 28-page plan … Continue reading

UK | Will barely avoid a double-dip recession says Ernst and Young ITEM Club

The UK has narrowly avoided a double-dip recession but will struggle for the rest of the year unless businesses stop hoarding cash and start investing, a forecaster warned today. Emergency measures from the Bank of England, European Central Bank and US Federal Reserve have boosted confidence and stabilised financial markets, pulling the UK back from … Continue reading

China | Quality is Job No 1

China Daily: The most important task facing China’s economy in 2012 is to improve the quality of economic growth, including energy conservation, emissions reduction, and industry restructuring, said renowned economist Li Yining, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, at a panel discussion of economic experts on Tuesday. The 2011 Central Economic Work Conference, … Continue reading

Strong Canadian dollar has pushed goods sector wages making Canada a non-costeffective location says a CIBC Report

“Remember 62 cents? Canada’s currency posted its all-time weakest monthly close against its American cousin exactly a decade ago, making a dramatic U-turn thereafter. Despite leveling off in recent years, the US¢/C$ exchange rate remains 60% stronger than it was a decade ago and is also more than 20% firmer than a trade-weighted basket of other major currencies” write Avery Shenfeld and … Continue reading

Why China Will Have an Economic Crisis

The view in most of the world is that China is indestructible. Shrugging off the crises multiplying elsewhere, China seems to surge from strength to strength, its spectacular growth marching on no matter what headwinds may come. It appears inevitable that China will overtake a U.S. mired in debt and division to become the world’s … Continue reading

German Banks See Job Cuts Amid Pessimistic Outlook, Survey Shows – Businessweek

Almost 25 percent of German banks plan to cut jobs in the next sixth months as they remain more pessimistic about the financial industry’s outlook than many of their European peers, Ernst & Young reported, citing a survey. Only 12 percent of German lenders said they expect an increase in employment and 65 percent expect … Continue reading

Global Economic Growth Momentum Turns Positive – IDEX Online News – IDEX Online Research:

Composite Leading Economic Indicators (CLI) in February points to a positive change in momentum for major geopolitical entities, according to the OECD. Previously, there has been little overall change in the Composite Leading Indicators, most of which were in negative territory. The Composite Leading Indicators’ positive momentum is being driven primarily by the United States … Continue reading

Demographic Dividends, Dependencies And Economic Growth In China And India

The world‟s two population giants have undergone significant, and significantly different, demographic transitions since the 1950s. The demographic dividends associated with these transitions during the first three decades of this century are examined using a global economic model that incorporates full demographic behavior and measures of dependency that reflect the actual number of workers to … Continue reading

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