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US – Growth since the Great Recession has improved the fortunes of the most affluent Fed says

Economic growth since the Great Recession has improved the fortunes of the most affluent Americans even as the incomes and wealth of most American families continue to decline, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. For the most affluent 10 percent of American families, average incomes rose by 10 percent from 2010 to 2013. For the rest … Continue reading

UK – White collar are responsible for bringing out of the economic slump

The make up of the UK workforce is fundamentally different to that of 60 years ago. White collar roles dominate the marketplace, and there is strong evidence these workers are responsible for bringing the UK out of the economic slump. Despite a strong political focus on technical, manufacturing and construction initiatives over the past five … Continue reading

India / McKinsey calls for an ‘inclusive reforms’ to reduce poverty

Pursuing an “inclusive reforms” agenda that boosts investments and generates more jobs will help to significantly reduce poverty in India, where over half of the population struggle to meet their essential needs, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) said today.  MGI, business and economics research arm of global consultancy major McKinsey & Company, has also projected that … Continue reading

The labor market implications of technological change in US

The rate of technological innovation obviously has major labor market effects. What is the relationship between new technological advances and the current skill distribution of the labor force? Continue reading

China / Needs 7.2% growth to ensure employment says Premier

China needs 7.2% economic growth to ensure employment targets, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Continue reading

Asia-Pacific / Economic growth is not generating sufficient decent and productive employment says the Asian Development Bank

One reason why the region continues to experience significant levels of poverty and rising inequality is that economic growth is not generating sufficient decent and productive employment. This is due to the nature of growth and the pattern of structural change in many countries in which workers move from agriculture into low-productivity services Continue reading

India / Must focus on jobs for growth says Just Jobs

India must make employment a key driver of its growth strategy as higher economic growth by itself does not create more jobs, according to a leading US research organisation advocating sustainable development. “Indian policymakers cannot assume that higher economic growth will automatically lead to more jobs,” Sabina Dewan, founder and director of Just Jobs at … Continue reading

US Unemployment vs Germany: Not due to GDP Growth

Growth in Germany and the United States have been virtually identical since the beginning of the downturn. While Germany has a large balance of trade surplus, in contrast to the deficit in the United States, its consumption growth has been weaker. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor via Low Unemployment in Germany: The Story Is … Continue reading

Emerging Markets vs Advanced Economies Economic Growth

In recent years poor countries have enjoyed impressive improvements in GDP per person. But in the rich world they have hardly grown at all. Watch video @: via Global Economic Growth: Emerging Markets vs Advanced Economies | The Big Picture.

The global economic recovery remains stuck below takeoff speed finds Brookings

The global economic recovery remains stuck below takeoff speed, unable to achieve liftoff and facing the risk of stalling. Half-hearted fiscal austerity measures are proving to be a drag on growth, and monetary policy continues to shoulder the burden of limiting downside risks. The Brookings-FT TIGER index shows that growth momentum remains weak in nearly … Continue reading

Canada / The poorest economic performance for Canada since the 2008-09 recession

Canada’s economy is facing a tough climb to reach any meaningful growth this year after recession-level growth in the last half of 2012. Output slipped back into reverse last month but still managed to eke out a gain for the final quarter of 2012 and end the year with total growth of 1.8% — down … Continue reading

The Obsession with Growth Rates

For progressives, the economy of the mid-20th century constitutes a kind of paradise lost. Between 1947 and 1973, mean family income doubled, rising as much among the poor as among the rich. By contrast, from 1973 to 2007, income growth was half as great. While growth was less equally distributed than in the earlier “Golden … Continue reading

The Inequality Challenge

High levels of inequality have become a subject of intense debate, particularly in the United States, where inequality has risen sharply over the past 30 years. The rise in inequality in most advanced countries and in many developing countries should be analyzed in the context of other big changes that have affected the global economy … Continue reading

What Accounts for the Slow Growth of the Economy After the Great Recession? – Infographic

Source: CBO | What Accounts for the Slow Growth of the Economy After the Recession? – Infographic.

The effect of population growth on per capita GDP growth is negative in developing countries | Minh Quang Dao

Based on data from the World Bank and using a sample of forty-three developing economies, the author finds that the growth rate of per capita GDP is linearly dependent upon population growth, both the young and old dependency ratios, the mortality rate. Continue reading

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