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Dropouts – Leaving education during a recession has severe impacts

The financial crisis led to the biggest recession in living memory: output fell by almost 5 per cent, a bigger drop than in the downturns of the early 1990s or early 1980s. As in previous recessions, younger people bore the brunt of this: the unemployment rate for those aged 18 to 29 rose by 4 … Continue reading

Dropouts in Europe – Early leaving from education and training (ELET) structural indicators

Early leaving from education and training (ELET) is a serious issue in many EU countries and has attracted the attention of many researchers, policy-makers and educators. Although the situation varies between countries and the underlying reasons for leaving school early differ from student to student, the process leading up to it has a number of … Continue reading

High School Dropouts in Canada – 8.5% of men and 5.4% of women aged 25 to 34 had less than a high school diploma, representing about 340,000 young in 2016

Western countries have the highest levels of educational attainment in the world. Many individuals, however, do not have a high school diploma and consequently do not have any certification from the school system. For example, among Canadians aged 25 and over in 2016, 14% reported that their highest level of education was “less than high … Continue reading

US – Income Inequality leads low-income boys to drop out of high school more often

Greater income gaps between those at the bottom and middle of the income distribution lead low-income boys to drop out of high school more often than their counterparts in lower inequality areas, suggesting that there is an important link between income inequality and reduced rates of upward mobility, according to a new paper presented today … Continue reading

High School Dropout in US – since 1972, event dropout rates have trended downward, from 6.1 percent in 1972 to 3.4 percent in 2012

Dropping out of high school is related to a number of negative outcomes. For example, the median income of persons ages 18 through 67 who had not completed high school was roughly $25,000 in 2012. By comparison, the median income of persons ages 18 through 67 who completed their education with at least a high … Continue reading

Education in Spain – Dropout rate highest in EU

Spain’s early school leaving (ESL) rate has consistently fallen in recent years as employment options become extremely scarce, but remains nearly twice the EU average, at 23.6 percent in 2013. That’s down from 24.7 percent in 2012, but still way off the national target of 15 percent and still the highest in the EU, the … Continue reading

NEETs in US / 15 Percent Of American Youth Out Of School And Work, Study Finds

Almost 6 million young people are neither in school nor working, according to a study by The Opportunity Nation coalition Continue reading

Dropouts Around the World (Infographics)

From : Mapping Dropouts Around the World – Online Colleges.   Related Posts Europe / NEET / 7.5 million young people aged 15–24 and an additional 6.5 million young people aged 25–29 were excluded from the labour market and education in Europe POSTED BY JOB MARKET MONITOR ⋅ DECEMBER 9, 2012 ⋅ 5 COMMENTS “The immediate future of Europe depends upon … Continue reading

US / What about the 22 percent of young people who drop out of high school?

In the U.S., the percentage of high school graduates by state ranges from 62 percent (Nevada) to 88 percent (Iowa), with an overall average of 78 percent. What about the 22 percent of young people who drop out of high school? What are their prospects? From a historical perspective, this chart shows the economic impact … Continue reading

Dropout / Canada : Boy’s share continues to rise and some groups show lack achievement

“One of the most robust predictions about any teenager’s future is that dropping out of high school will increase the probability of a life marred by lengthy bouts of unemployment and poverty. Although a high-school certificate is a low rung on the education ladder, it is the crucial one if an individual is to have … Continue reading

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