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The Long-term Unemployed Face Severe Discrimination

Researchers at the Federal Reserve have found that people who are unemployed more than six months are heavily discriminated against. They sent fake resumes to hundreds of employers in response to job postings. Applicants who had only recently lost a job but had no relevant experience were far more likely to be called than those … Continue reading

US / Fewer Blacks See Bias in Jobs, Income, and Housing finds Gallup

Black Americans are significantly less likely now than they were 20 years ago to cite discrimination as the main reason blacks on average have worse jobs, income, and housing than whites Continue reading

US / Employers’ Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers is common

Pregnant women are fired or forced to take unpaid leave–as told by the workers themselves Continue reading

China / Youths want fair play

Less than one month away from graduation, Jiang Zhiquan, a postgraduate student in Nanjing, capital city of east Jiangsu Province, grows anxious day by day as he still hunts for a job. In his latest effort to grab one, the 26-year-old failed to pass the provincial test for public servants in Jiangsu. “I think may … Continue reading

Blatant age discrimination hurts employers, not just older workers

Is age discrimination a hushed secret or a blatant action by employers filling vacant jobs? Nick Corcodilos explains why the practice continues despite some companies’ worries that they are losing out on the institutional knowledge and experience that older workers can bring to the table. James — New York: Why aren’t you addressing blatant age discrimination? … Continue reading

Austria / New No-Discrimination Laws On Leased employees

Austria’s hiring-out of labour laws have been amended (BGBl 98/2012). According to the directive, the implementation into national law should already have taken place by 5 December 2011. After a first failed attempt in February 2012 to implement the directive effective 1 July 2012, the implementation has now taken place belatedly, effective 1 January 2013. … Continue reading

China / Civil servant jobs: Need a connection ?

“Sixty per cent of new hires by the central government offices come from rural or ordinary urban families,” said Yin Weimin. “They have no background [connections].” Yin said exams were required for all applicants. This showed that the system was fair and equal, he added. But Yin’s comments failed to convince netizens. They responded by … Continue reading

Chicago / Teachers layoffs in 2011 / Union claims black neighborhoods were targeted

The Chicago Board of Education targeted teachers in black neighborhoods for layoffs in 2011, firing African-American teachers at a higher rate than white coworkers, the teacher’s union claims in a class action. Chicago Teachers Union Local 1; the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, and three teachers sued the Board of Education of the City of … Continue reading

US / The top 5 legal issues currently facing employers

Following XpertHR’s recent launch in the US, legal editor Michael Cardman discusses the changing legal landscape and reveals the top five issues that US employers are facing. 1 Social media The proliferation of social media poses risks and rewards for employers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help employers to spread brand awareness, recruit new employees … Continue reading

France / Muslims Face Job Discrimination

A new study has revealed that French Muslims of African descent are facing discrimination in the job market, with employers are favoring Christian applicants than their Muslim peers. “Without that information, it’s impossible to understand and fix situations where citizens are being discriminated against,” Stanford political science professor David Laitin was quoted as saying by … Continue reading

LGBT Leaders | What Obama Must Do Next

Barack Obama’s win of a second term was achieved not in spite of his support of the LGBT community but in part because of it. The question now is what President Obama should do next in his second term to move the civil rights of people in our community “forward.” I asked 10 of America’s … Continue reading

India – Muslims pose as Hindus to get jobs

Muslims who make 13% of country’s population regularly complain of facing an anti-Muslim bias in various walks of life. Shaikh Azizur Rahman reports on those who secretly adopt Hindu names and dress styles to improve their lot in a Hindu-dominated … . Indian Muslims pose as Hindus to get jobs . http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/international/2012-10-31/indian-muslims-pose-as-hindus-to-get-jobs/1038846

Do Younger RH Discriminate Older Workers ?

Dear J.T. & Dale: My belief is that the younger generation of HR workers openly discriminate against older employees. I believe they are threatened because they are simply outperformed by the 40- to 70-year-olds. Thoughts? – Aaron J.T.: I’m not sure that it’s a question of who’s more productive, but rather, who’s less expensive. Labor costs … Continue reading

Unemployed Need Not Apply – 6 responses to use

At first, the headhunter told her she was a great match, but when he realized she had been out of work for a full year (and not newly unemployed as he had mistakenly assumed), he changed his tune. Company criteria ruled out applicants who had been unemployed for more than six months, he told her. … Continue reading

Discrimination and Gender Wage Gap

“We’d all like to think, in 2012, that pay discrimination is a thing of the past,” the progressive activist Joy Lawson wrote in the Huffington Post recently. “But the pay gap still exists, and it’s big: women earn an average of 77 cents on a man’s dollar.” The pay gap is exaggerated, discrimination doesn’t drive it and it’s not … Continue reading

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