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Economic Discrimination of Canadian Aboriginals – Research finds no evidence after controlling for their skill level and standard socio-demographic characteristics

The developing success of Indigenous populations in the Canadian labor market and their closer integration with the society has recently received increased attention from the government. In 2017 the Prime Minister of Canada announced the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and the creation of two new departments: Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern … Continue reading

L’Apprentissage en France – Les discriminations à l’accès

Le projet « Mesure et analyse des discriminations d’accès à l’apprentissage » a été mené de 2014 à 2017 par une équipe de chercheurs issus du Céreq et des laboratoires CERTOP, CLERSE et LPS-DT sous la direction scientifique de Prisca Kergoat. L’objectif du projet était de comprendre pourquoi certains jeunes potentiellement candidats à une formation … Continue reading

UK – Is there different treatment in recruitment practices and the workplace based on nationality?

In August 2015, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (‘the EHRC’) conducted research into employer and employee practices, perceptions and experiences in relation to recruitment. Our aim was to understand whether there was any evidence of differential treatment between UK-born and foreign-born workers with a right to work in the UK; the extent of discrimination … Continue reading

Older Women – Study finds robust evidence of age discrimination in hiring

A study that came out last fall by economists at the University of California at Irvine and Tulane University found “robust evidence of age discrimination in hiring against older women.” The data show that it is harder for older women to find jobs than it is for older men. The researchers created 40,000 job applications … Continue reading

Hiring Discrimination – Anonymous job applications have the potential to remove or reduce it

Anonymous job applications have the potential to remove or reduce some discriminatory hiring barriers facing applicants from minority and other disadvantaged groups. When implemented effectively, anonymous job applications level the playing field in access to jobs by shifting the focus toward skills and qualifications. Anonymous job applications should not, however, be regarded as a universal … Continue reading

Muslims in France – They experience extraordinary discrimination in the job market research finds

In these experiments, researchers create résumés for fictitious individuals, varying the religious background of those people, and then submit applications to job openings. The question is how frequently those individuals receive a callback or an e-mail from the employer. One such experiment was conducted in France in 2013-2014, and the results have just been published. … Continue reading

France – Discrimination is keeping the children of immigrants at the bottom report finds

Discrimination is keeping the children of immigrants at the bottom of France’s economic pile, a report advised Prime Minister Manuel Valls this weekend. Young men of sub-Saharan African origin face the biggest obstacles in finding jobs, ahead of a ministers’ meeting on tackling inequality. The report does not blame discrimination exclusively, pointing to training, family … Continue reading

Canada – Less wage discrimination for women, aboriginals, and visible minorities in public sector, not higher salaries overall finds the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Women, aboriginal workers, and visible minority workers experience less wage discrimination in the public sector than in the private sector, says a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). The study compares the wages of full-time public and private sector workers and finds significant gaps in the wages of women, aboriginal … Continue reading

Ageism in Finance in UK – One in four professionals experiences it

One-quarter of finance professionals have either experienced or witnessed agediscrimination at work, according to research by eFinancialCareers. The eFinancialCareers Diversity Survey is based on a poll of 1,500 workers from the finance sector. It suggests exactly one-third of employees between 41 and 50-years-old have been discouraged from applying for a role on the grounds of … Continue reading

US – Hiring discrimination for smokers and obese does get very much support

Fewer than one in eight Americans, 12%, say companies should be allowed to refuse to hire people because they are significantly overweight. Similarly, 14% of Americans say companies should be allowed to refuse to hire smokers. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Hiring Discrimination for Smokers, Obese Rejected in U.S..

Unconscious racial biases are heightened by the downturn study finds

It looks as though a more subtle form of racial bias may have played a role as well—thanks to psychological factors that, in a recession, tend to make those biases worse.  The new study is by Amy Krosch and David Amodio of New York University. Amodio in particular has extensively studied what are called “implicit” … Continue reading

Long-Term unemployed – A sharp drop-off in the number of interview requests for those whose nonemployment spell topped six months finds research

Three recent audit studies on nonemployment discrimination report results consistent with the long-term jobless having significantly lower chances of being invited to job interviews. Given the design of previous studies unfavorable treatment can be due to a marginal preference among employers for hiring applicants with shorter spells or to stronger negative beliefs about the long-term … Continue reading

Age Discrimination Is On The Rise / Is 50 the new 65 ?

In every corner of America, millions of people are terrified of losing their jobs and falling into financial ruin. Men and women with impressive professional achievements and credentials are being let go, nudged out and pushed aside. They are pounding the pavement and scouring the job sites, but find themselves turned away even for the … Continue reading

UK / 83% of jobseekers over 60 believe that they have been rejected for a job because of their age

The survey also found that 73% of those aged 51-60 feel that they too have been discounted from a role due to their age Continue reading

Muslim vs Christian candidates / An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination Via Online Social Networks in US

a minority of U.S. firms likely searched online for the candidates’ information. Hence, the overall The effect of experimental manipulations on interview invitations is small. However, in the field experiment, we find significant discrimination against the Muslim candidate compared to the Christian candidate among employers in more politically conservative states and counties. Continue reading

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