Higher Education in Australia – 7 Priorities for a skilled educated workforce

There has been considerable reform to Australia’s tertiary education system in recent years, while very welcome they are not enough if we are to reach our potential as a clever nation. Further reform is needed so that independent vocational training and higher education providers can help drive economic growth by addressing the skills shortage.

The Seven Priorities For A Skilled And Educated Workforce sets out a positive action blueprint for the next parliament – one backed by Australia’s independent tertiary education sector.

  1. An Integrated Tertiary Education System
  2. A more cohesive approach to regulation and reporting
  3. An investment that strengthens student choice in higher education
  4. An approach to skills funding that empowers student choice
  5. An approach that funds courses where the skills shortages are
  6. A single student loan program that supports lifelong learning
  7. A bold new plan for international education

Students at the centre of this blueprint. The Seven Priorities For A Skilled And Educated Workforce allows students to study with the provider of their choice, whether it be a quality independent provider, a public TAFE or a university. Importantly, it allows students to benefit from government funding and loan programs without being penalised for this choice.

The blueprint also puts in place a new policy architecture to support the recovery in Australia’s independent tertiary education sector.

The Seven Priorities For A Skilled And Educated Workforce are a blueprint for guaranteeing quality training outcomes for students and employers based on student choice.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @  7 Priorities For A Skilled & Educated Workforce


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