The Great Resignation and Reskilling – Online training is a stepping stone to resigners’ next opportunities

With the unprecedented number of resignations across the country and the surging interest we’ve seen in short-term reskilling opportunities, Cengage wanted to learn more about the Great Resignation—who are these “resigners,” as we refer to them in this report, and why are they quitting their jobs? What opportunities are they exploring next, how will they achieve those goals and what role is reskilling playing in their future?Our Process and Key Demographic Findings In late November 2021, Cengage polled 1,200 adults in the U.S., age 25 and older, who had either quit their job in the past 6 months or were seriously planning to quit in the next 6 months. The survey took place online.


Workers are burnt out and want more pay. They are willing to make personal sacrifices to get a new lease on their professional lives. When asked to select the reasons why they had quit or planned to quit, the top responses were:

The burnout from their previous roles and work environments has left some resigners less than eager to jump back into the job market. Among all respondents, 71% said they had to or would have to be out of work in between jobs, with many expecting to be jobless for three to six months (37%). Fourteen percent said they might be jobless for longer. These resigners are clearly looking for more than just a paycheck, given the current job market.


Online training is a stepping stone to resigners’ next opportunities, and their sights are set on three industries.

Nearly 4 out of 5 resigners (78%) have taken online training courses or certificate programs—45% were taking one at the time of the survey, and 33% had already completed one. And their motivations are clear: 64% say that having an online training program on their resume is essential to landing a new job.


Employers must prioritize professional development and benefits or risk more employee resignations.

Additionally, quitting is contagious. More than half of resigners (57%) said that their employer had a higher number of resignations than normal in the past year, and slightly more (58%) said that the high number of employees quitting cemented their decision to leave, too.Armed with information about what their employees want, employers can stem the tide of resigners by providing them with the development and growth opportunities they’re looking for, with a path to a higher salary and/or a benefits package that works for them.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ From the Great Resignation to the Great Reskilling:Insight on What’s Next for the “Great Resigners”January 2022


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