Reskilling and Career Paths – A study of 209,000 people in 190 countries

A study of 209,000 people in 190 countries shows the appeal of professional reinvention at an uncertain time.

More than two-thirds of workers globally are willing to retrain for new jobs, an attitude that may set the stage for vast workplace changes after the pandemic ends. The interest in switching careers is tied to both the disruptions of COVID-19 and the threat of technological change, which many workers believe is accelerating.

While willingness to retrain is not limited to particular industries or job types, it is highest among those who have lost the most income during the pandemic. Thirty-six percent of all workers globally have been laid off or forced to work fewer hours during the COVID-19 crisis, according to a study by BCG and The Network. Those in travel and tourism, in arts and creative roles, and in media have suffered income losses at the highest rates.


The insights into people’s retraining willingness, and the detailed picture of the jobs and industries most affected by the pandemic, are the latest findings to emerge from BCG and The Network’s study of 209,000 people in 190 countries.

When looking at job roles, the study shows that there is considerable realism in people’s attitudes about retraining. In the job roles that face the most risk of technology replacement—and that have endured the most disruption during the pandemic—retraining willingness exceeds 70%. This is the percentage of retraining willingness among service-sector workers, customer service people, and salespeople. Those in job roles seen as less vulnerable—science and research, health and medicine, and social work—generally aren’t as willing to retrain.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ 2021 Decoding Global Reskilling and Career Paths Study | BCG

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