LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report – It’s all about rapid skill building at scale

In 2021, it’s all about rapid skill building at scale

In the fifth year of the Workplace Learning Report, we mark a pivotal moment in the industry. Gleaned from survey data, LinkedIn Learning platform insights, and industry news, one thing is crystal clear. Learning has taken center stage and is essential to help organizations develop the skills necessary to thrive and innovate in the new world of work.

The data below is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into the 65-page report and discover the insights—and practical advice—to help you craft your 2021 learning strategies and programs.

Sit down for this one. According to the World Economic Forum report published in October of last year, the rapid acceleration of automation and economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic will shift the division of labor between humans and machines, leading to 85 million jobs being displaced and 97 million new ones created by 2025.

Some of the largest enterprises globally have seen this shift coming for the last few years and have invested millions — even billions — in “future proofing” their employees, arming them with the skills needed for the new world of work. For example, JPMorgan Chase added the tidy sum of $350M to their $250M plan to upskill their workforce. Amazon is investing over $700M to provide upskilling training to their employees. And, PwC is spending $3B to upskill all of its 275,000 employees over the next three to four years; the mantra of the program is “New World, New Skills.”

Today, it’s not just large organizations that are prioritizing skill building. We asked L&D pros globally what their primary focus was for their L&D programs in 2021, and their #1 priority (59%) is upskilling and reskilling — that’s a 15% increase since June 2020.

Interestingly, L&D pros at small businesses were prioritizing it more (64%) than large enterprises (56%). That could be because so many large enterprises already have robust programs in place.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ 2021 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning


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