New Forms of Employment in Europe – Could contribute to labour market segmentation

Although standard employment (generally full-time and permanent) remains the dominant employment type across the EU, European labour markets are increasingly characterised by a variety of different forms. These new forms of employment involve new formal employment relationships or work patterns (linked to aspects such as place of work, working time or use of ICT) and sometimes both. This report puts the spotlight on nine innovative employment forms across the 27 EU Member States, Norway and the UK. It examines the policy frameworks of each country, as well as mapping the scale and scope of the incidence of these new forms and highlighting the main opportunities and risks associated with each form. The report concludes with some policy recommendations taking into account the future of work that will be shaped by the twin transition to the digital age and a carbon-neutral economy, as well as a new way of working due to COVID-19.

Key findings

  • Standard employment is still dominant across the EU, but European labour markets are characterised by increasingly diverse forms of employment.
  • Some new forms of employment are expected to continue to grow, due to the twin transition to the digital age and a carbon-neutral economy. However, some new forms of employment may be negatively affected due to the economic and labour market impact of COVID-19.
  • Many new employment forms are driven by the need for flexibility of employers/clients or workers. In developing new forms of employment, it is crucial to ensure that this flexibility does not diminish workers’ protection.
  • Working time, representation, along with health and safety need to be addressed for several new forms of employment, including ICT-based mobile work, platform work, casual work and voucher-based work.
  • For some new forms of employment, the ambiguity of employment status for workers could contribute to labour market segmentation.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ New forms of employment: 2020 update | Eurofound


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